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yeah i like to skate bmx play the guitar drums bass and i film some skate videos i love to draw and thinkin bout getting into airbrushhing and last but not least i have a myspace that anyone can reach me at my user name is !HuNtEr!and my url is

im in the shifters, and fr2 clubs

FR2 Track Club:
Seven Stages of Members:
7 = King Rider - Leader
6 = Champion - Co-Leader
5 = Free Rider - Oldie
4 = BMX Legend
3 = BMX Veteran
2 = BMX Novice
1 = Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
1) me44 - King Rider - Leader
2) jeffwak906 - Champion - Co-Leader
3) TOXIC - BMX Veteran
4) mps1123 - BMX veteran -
5) PrincessBeauty - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
6) bobert - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
7) Deadmantale - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
8) Dreiyas - Stabilizer rider - Newbie
9) Carbon275 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
10) Chaze100 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
11) fst6 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
12) imthebestguitarist - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
13) evil_empire - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
14) pc123 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
15) Kingy - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
16) xeden - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
Be kind to people if they ask for help.
Have fun.
No spam.
Do NOT abuse the club.
One thing wrong and your out.
Contact me44 for more info!

..\---|...|---/..... this is the skater sword
.......|_|..........take it if you skate if you
....../__\........ want if not dont touch it

What's your state of mind!?
j 5f 7s 5f,4j 5d 41 2h,50 5f 41 30,42 4r 73 5g,42 56 7i 5f,42 8j 4g 5b,41 80 4q 5d,3v 7c 59 5f,41 6n 5k 5f,42 68 62 5f,42 5n 6p 5d,3v 8f 3i 5f,3v 7t 34 5g,3v 76 2p 5g,3v 6g 28 5d,41 5v 1p 5f,3t 5i 1c 5f,3s 4d 1r 5d,3s 4p 15 5f,3s 55 t 5b,94 86 lg 87 137 8a 149 dk,14a d8 1ig iv 1o8 kt 1q4 l9 1s3 lb 1tp ks,1tp kq 1v0 js,1v0 jq 206 id 28e ie 2cg q9 2l2 ql,2l4 qn 2ko ct,2kj cs 27l 78,27d 78 1t8 a2 1pb fa,1p3 fd 1ac 9t,2ce q8 2c9 lm,2dt qa 2dt m5,2fi q8 2fi mf,2h4 qd 2h4 ls,2ih qc 2ih li,2ku om 2jc n6,2l0 lm 2kp lk,2j7 k4 2kp li,2kn i3 2j3 gc,2kj d0 2kg d0,2hr d2 2ki ct,2kd ep 2i2 e6,2aj mf 2aj jk,295 jv 294 id,-g0 4k -g6 4g,-f2 51 -gc 4k -hf 3v -ib 2u,-ia 2u -iv 1f -j9 -4 -jb -1q -j9 -6r -t0 -6r,41 8e 40 2h,40 3c 4n 4k,4o 4k 58 5b,3v 41 5h 5c,3v 4h 5o 5g,61 5f 3u 4g,41 4v 6u 5j,64 5c 3t 4g,29 5e 3v 3u,2n 5h 41 3g,37 5c 41 32,3l 5c 3v 2g,93 86 93 ca 90 e4 8m fo 80 hd,80 ha 6j ii 4n jj,4k jj 2j jv 3 jv -ba jv,-9f k1 -np k1,-9f k1 -9d g1 -8c ju,-9f go -7m jp,-9f hm -6q jp,-9f im -5q jp,-9f jd 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2av ni,O 2ai mb,O 2ad ls,O 2bl oc,O 2bj o2,O 2ad lp,O 2ad mf,O 2ad n1,O 2br oj,O 2d5 po,O 2df pp,O 2e3 pu,O 2ea q2,O 2ep q7,O 2ev q3,O 2e6 q0,O 2ea pr,O 2f4 pp,O 2gl q7,O 2gm q7,O 2h0 q7,O 2he po,O 2fq q5,O 2h4 pr,O 2im q7,O 2kq q3,O 2ke qc,O 2kg q5,O 2kg pu,O 2kt pt,O 2ks po,O 2ks pk,O 2ko pa,O 2kn p4,O 2kj oo,O 2kj oh,O 2kj oc,O 2kj nv,O 2kn nt,O 2ki fe,O 2ki ff,O 2ki fr,O 2ki g5,O 2ki ga,O 2ki gc,O 2ki gi,O 2ki h0,O 2ki h8,O 2ki hf,O 2ki hk,O 2ki i6,O 2ki ib,O 2ki in,O 2ki j2,O 2ki j9,O 2ki jh,O 2kl k9,O 2kl kc,O 2kl kh,O 2kl kr,O 2kl l3,O 2kl lc,O 2kl ls,O 2kl m8,O 2kl mg,O 2kl n3,O 2kl nl,O 2kn o2,O 2kq p2,O 2kt pt,O 2kt pu,O 2k6 q7,O 2k1 qa,O 2js qa,O 2ji q8,O 2ja q8,O 2ii q8,O 2hu q8,O 2hf q8,O 2gj q8,O 2g4 q8,O 2fl q8,O 2f6 q8,O 2e8 q5,O 2e5 q5,O 2dc pr,O 2ct po,O 2cm pj,O 2ce p4,O 2c2 oo,O 2bo ob,O 2bo o2,O 2b9 ni,O 2as mu,O 2an m3,O 2ai lr,O 2ab ld,O 2a8 li,O 29v l7,O 29u l3,O 29f kh,O 290 jg,O 29k kc,O 29k kf,O 296 k2,O -1i7 hl,O -1hu gv,O -1ic h3,O -1id hd,O -1in hg,O -1is h8,O -1ih h6,O -1i5 hg,O -1hu he,O -1hu h9,B 2r 35 l

skatepark to a halfpipe
-7n 6h 2h 6h,q 6i a8 6i a8 -h,a8 -i fp -i,af -h af -86,ah -86 b8 -86,b8 -84 b8 -p,af -1u b8 -1u,ah -3i b6 -3i,af -55 b8 -55,af -6r b8 -6r,a7 -k 9o 6g,a7 -7 99 6g,a5 c 8o 6k,a7 k 88 6i,a7 15 7n 6i,a7 1k 71 6l,a7 24 6f 6h,a7 2g 5p 6i,a7 31 58 6h,a7 3i 4o 6h,a7 42 45 6h,a7 4m 3g 6h,a7 5a 2s 6h,a7 5u 1s 6h,-7o 2p -65 6f,-7n 3i -5d 6f,-7q 49 -4t 6c,-7o 54 -47 6f,-7o 5r -37 6i,-7n 6i -7q 2p,-b8 ao 5c ao,-b8 an -f4 an,-f5 ao -f6 2m -ed ag,-f7 3f -dk aj,-f7 4b -cu aj,-f6 5e -c3 al,-f6 62 -bc al,-f9 6q -ao al,-f4 7o -a2 an,-f7 8h -9d an,-f6 96 -8n an,-f7 9u -7h an,4u ap e2 ap gb ap gb 82 ek aq,gb 8j dm al,gb 98 cm an,g9 9u bi aq,gd ad a5 ap,h1 77 kq 2l,kq 2h vj 2h,gu 77 i4 77 ls 2h,kh 34 vk 32,vk 30 vk 2g,116 3t 118 9r 1eb 9s 1gh ai 1hu be 1iq cf 1jg dk 1r4 qe 21h 151 29h 151,114 3q 121 9q,114 4i 12m 9o,116 5b 13a 9o,118 5r 13u 9v,118 69 14h 9s,116 6m 155 9q,114 75 15s 9n,118 7n 16q 9q,116 8a 17q 9q,118 8u 18h 9q,118 99 19n 9s,1vr 127 223 14u,207 12q 22g 150,20f 13a 22q 14s,20o 13o 23b 14s,20u 145 244 14u,218 14k 25c 150,29g 150 2db 150,2h5 16b 2kj 16b 2kj 177,2j4 16b 2kt 161 2ma 15d 2n9 14h 2o1 13c 2ob 11q,2o9 11q 2o2 10d 2n9 up 2m8 tl,2m8 tj 2kr ss,2kr st 2je sd 2hq s8 2gd sd 2fe sl,2fc sl 2ec tb 2dj ua 2d6 vh 2d8 119 2db 121,2dj 161 2eb 1a6 2f8 1cm 2gb 1e8 2ht 1fj 2jp 1gq 2lr 1hm,2ls 1hm 2ns 1i3,2nt 1i3 2q7 1i2 2si 1hp 2uc 1hb 2vk 1gf,2vm 1gf 30i 1f2 315 1dj,2gu 109 2gu 122 2j9 122 2j9 10b 2gt 109,314 1dg 32n 1dg 32s 1es,32s 1f1 33a 1gc 344 1hd,346 1hd 35b 1id 36m 1j1 38d 1je 3ge 1jg,3ga 1jh 3nr 1jf 3rq 1jd,3rq 1jc 3rq 1c4 3r6 1jd,3rq 1cq 3qg 1jc,3rq 1de 3pl 1jc,3rm 1du 3or 1jd,3ro 1e2 3o3 1jd,3ro 1ek 3na 1jc,3ro 1fk 3rl 1gs,3ro 1f8 3mh 1jf,3rm 1fn 3lq 1jf,3ro 1gd 3l6 1jf,3ro 1h1 3kd 1jf,3ro 1hl 3jm 1jf,3ro 1i9 3io 1jf,3rq 1ir 3g9 1ji,3rq 1c2 422 1c3,3s0 1c0 3s0 vp 3t7 vp 3t7 1bq,3s2 10q 3t5 10q,3s2 11l 3t5 11l,3s2 12h 3t5 12h,3s0 13a 3t7 13a,3s0 141 3t8 141,3s0 14n 3t8 14p 3t3 14n,3s0 15i 3t5 15i,3s0 16e 3t5 16e,3rv 179 3t7 179,3rv 187 3t5 185,3rv 190 3t5 190,3s0 19u 3t5 19u,3rv 1aj 3t7 1al,3s0 1b7 3t7 1b9##B 2dq 107 5a,B 2kb t7 8m,B 2nn 12h b8,B 2il 15m 2c,G lj 1e 5k,G i0 3f 41

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