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<center><img src="" height="50" width="50"></center> Hello. I always try to complete a game before rating it, in an attempt to rate as fairly as possible. However, sometimes a game is just so bad that I simply cannot bring myself to complete it. <br> <br><center><img src="" height="85%" width="85%" title="Hello! Nice to meet you! ^_^"></center> <b>Some examples of the things that disgusts me and makes me <u>down-rate</u> <i>YOUR</i> game:</b> 一≫ Lack of option to <i>disable just the music</i> or <i>just sound fx</i>. ('Full mute-only' sucks!) This is especially annoying when the music is loud, short and repetitive. 二≫ There's no way to <i>Pause</i> the game. 三≫ There's no <i>Menu/Options</i> feature at all. <br> I give honest and constructive criticism, usually with some humble opinions on how to improve. <b>Have a good day~!</b> (・∇・`〃 ) <center><img src="" height="75%" width="75%"></center> <br> My daily plays quick links: <a href=""><img src="" height="30" width="30" title="TLS: Dead Zone..."></a>

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