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                           STANDS FOR
                 The internet helper clan

If you want to join then just ask me (well duh) and I will surely accept you (unless you are my worst enemy, LOL)

The Point of the clan
the point of the clan is to make the internet a better place and make websites cleaner starting with armorgames.


1. No swaring
2. try to help people out if they need help
3. No hacking or glitching on games
4. always be fair and if someone else is not then tell them (politely) to stop being unfair
5. Have fun

Also if I catch someone in the clan is not following those rules then they will be expelled from the clan but if I see them doing good deeds and not hacking or glitching for a week they MIGHT be asked to join.

Ranks and Members

Leader 90 clan points

his badges
colony level three- 5 clan points
50 games rated- 10 clan points
100 games rated- 20 clan points
1,000 comments- 10 clan points
beginner 5 clan points
his badges
colony level three-5 clan points

beginner 0 clan points
his badges

beginner 0 clan points
his badges


~Starter 50 clan points
~lvl one starter 100 clan points
~lvl two starter 150 clan points
~lvl three starter 200 clan points

Clan Badges


~ Level 3- 5 clan points
~ Level 5- 10 clan points
~ Level 10- 20 clan points
~ 50 wins- 40 clan points
~ 100 wins- 80 clan points

Hack Slash Crawl

~ 100th place in overall- 20 clan points
~ 50th place in overall- 40 clan points
~ 25th place overall- 80 clan points
~ 10th place overall- 120 clan points
~ 5th place overall- 160 clan points
~ 1rst place overall- 200 clan points

Comment badges

1,000 comments- 10 clan points
2,000 comments- 20 clan points
4,000 comments- 40 clan points
8,000 comments- 80 clan points

games rated badges

50 games- 10 clan points
100 games- 20 clan points
150 games- 30 clan points
200 games- 40 clan points


Make sure you read how much CP you earn at the end of each week

- Badge organizer      Letsgome/leader 
report to him and he will put what badge you got and how much CP, (Clan Points) you have.

you will earn 15 clan points a week.

- Manager    OPEN
tells me if any one is not following the rules and they will be expelled.

you will earn 10 clan points a week

Catches all of the hackers and glithers and reports them to me.

you will earn 15 clan points a week

Helper    OPEN
if anyone is feeling down or someone is having their feelings hurt then they try to cheer them up.

you will earn 20 clan points a week

Mail Man

send out all clan notes that were passed on from the leader to everybody in the clan.

you will earn 15 clan points a week

hackers and glitchers on colony

                 COMING SOON

people who use harsh language
lvl 1

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