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  • AIM: Fire?
  • MSN: Magical stupid ninjas? I'm not familiar with those
  • Yahoo: Wheeeeeeee!
  • XBOX Live: But I don't see a camera. . .
  • Wii: Oh that reminds me, I need to use the bathroom.
  • PSN: Psychic Sundries 3? No, I don't own that game.
  • SteamID: How can you give steam an ID?


I am. . . me, I suppose. I like to play internet games, obviously, or else I wouldn't have an account here. Erm. . . what else. . .? I am a Grammar Nazi. All hail the dictionary! And, I am also on a site called SodaHead (much better than Myspace or Facebook, and that stuff). So. . . yeah. My account name on SodaHead is teh_noob_pwner, so you can look me up if you're interested.

And that's it.

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