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hi everyone, i am IUSEHACKS...but i don't really use hacks. My most favourite game to play is exit path 1 and 2. I am grandmaster on both games and i have yet to be the greatest player of all time. (see who is the best player at exit path). i ussually play exit path 1 nowadays, so if you want to verse me in exit path you are welcome to. I hope to see some of you guys and gals playing exit path. Ok guys. Just a little update on mybiography. I am now officially playing wizard101.but not as much as exit path. Soooo dont worry guys. I could happily say that i might be in the top 50 best exit path players of all time. I have just established a little bit more information on the wall jump in exit path, i almost getting the hang of it. So beware. The new iusehackas is here to stay!!!!!!!!!

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