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I've actually been active on AG since the beginning of 2008.

Last updated 6/5/09
Currently 11th in leader board (not lifetime one)

(Eastern Time)

best rank: 5.1,396 6/3/09
4. 1,237 6/4/09
3.1,776 6/5/09
2. 931 6/6/09
missed the AG chat? well i have!! theres a new chat thats really cool. The ArmorGames Chat

http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=016859555583575919571:3btb4asrns8 forum search
link to my messenger
Hey everyone. UR MOM.
Yep im confusing.
OK im done talking to myself.

so lately ive been spending time in the community being UNSANE and having tons of homework and stuff.
But other than that, my life is pretty boring.

bye for now.

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