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Hey! I just got back from Middle Earth killing the giant mutated spiders. Yes they shot acid at me... several times actually. Just a normal day I guess. What do you mean thats not normal?! Maybe it is and your life is just boring!------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chuck Norris is watching you.--GOD said let there be light Chuck Norris said say please.-- There is no ecscape button on Chuck Norris's computers there is no ecscaping Chuck Norris-- Once a blind man bumbed into Chuck Norris and instantly regained his sight.-- Chuck Norris's tears heal... too bad Chuck Norris doesn't cry.-- GOD can walk on water but Chuck Norris can swim through land-- Chuck Norris doesnt turn lights on he just turns the dark off-- Chuck Norris doesn't beat you in a fight he just allows you to loose-- Chuck Norris's computer doesnt have a control button because he doesnt need a button to have control

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