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my name is juan pablo or as my name says ppl call me jp sometimes even thing about me is that i like to spike up my hair alot!i do skate im not in any team rite now mostly just sk8 with my friends.i have never been in snow before cause i was born in mexico but live in ca now dsnt even snow at all.i think it would be sick to snowboard down some hills.dont have any pets but i want to get a dog & give it a cool name.but my grandma is scared of dogs sooo awww.i usually get on after school to chat with some of my friends if no1s on i just go watch tv.after that i just go to practice for flag a really fast runner i can run a mile in 5 min.if there was a zombie apocalypse i will survive 4 a long time for cardio and i play alot of shooting mw3 and black ops btw wanna get mw2 though cuz i heard its more funner than both.i guess thats enough bout me,later!! new nickname created 3/31/12 lol they now call me bonez cause of my fastness spring break in las vegas just climed some rocks in red rock

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