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-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------In Jesus

----AA     AA----
---AAA     AAA---
--AA         AA--
-AA            AA-
AA             AAA-  AAtheist!
   DD    DD
   DD     DD
   DD      DD
   DD       DD
   DD      DD
   DD     DD
   DD    DD
   DD   DD
   DD  DDoes it really matter?


who wanna join the Armor Games UN-Atheist Club??? Huh? Huh?

Know any good action-strategy games? If you find one, be sure to let me know!

Ninja Kami is just about the greatest game ever.

If you're a christian than welcome and feel free to add me and let me know so I can add you too! If your not than well whatever you can add me too and  let me know so i can add you back but it would make me really happy to know that you are a christian no offense other religions/atheists!

I've been strolling around through AG and noticed how Christians and Atheists have like a wall between each other. We should, you know...
Interact? Have regular conversations with each other? Respect each other's beliefs? Debating won't get us anywhere, we have to accept each other as friends if we really want to achieve.

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