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Ive heard sonny 3 will come out so i decided to play sonny series again.(Yup,still best series.)Then i realized i was SO NOOB!For example,i was always played easy mode before and i didnt even know there was a 7th zone.Then i decided to master a class and i choose biolocigal because they can hit over 40K.First i played in challanging and completed the game-Supreme Court.Then i played in heroic (with training fights)and completed the game-extra zone again.After that,i looked some Speed Bio Legend Run guides step by step.After that,i followed guide without mistakes and i finally get the Legend!Supreme Court is easy if you know Withdrawl combo.After beating Zone 6,i trained until level 30 because i used to need more and more speed.I put Velocious set for myself except armor,and put Furious set for Felicity.Doctor Klima was easy,after taking his items,i put all in Veradux.But theres still something wrong.I cant beat the Twin Guardians thing because South Guardian. his Lightning Bolt hits over 6000 and i easilyyy die.I need to beat that damn guys because im too close.Yosuke is easy as pie because ComboX.Corruptor is not hard as Twin Guardians or Mayor. Note:Crystallize is the key of Twin Guardians that makes fight lot of easier.If that South Guardian hits me 6000,i cant beat them lololol I also became bigger sonny fan and im still waiting for sonny 3.I know some little things about sonny 3.There will be 7 plot zones and 3 extra.Skill and Stat will be different.And finally,the story will be completed.Im bored.Also i realized im not entering this account for 2 years,wow!And my english was suck. This is my sonny 2 fight progression Prison Guard-Too easy,piece of cake. Prison Guardx2-Too easy again Agile,Brutal Convict-Still easy. Brutal,Agile,Cunnict Convict-Not so hard. Dr.Leath,Prison Guardx2-I killed doctor first even the upper guard uses form.Easy. Twisted Experiment-I dont know why people say this is hard.I distrupted when he used Withdraw or Shadow Blend.Maybe annoying,but not hard! The Warden-Now this is hardest in zone 1.His Death Sentence killed Veradux and me.So you must be lucky and use break,destroy bla bla. Doctor Hedger,Frankie-I know,doctor has less health,and hits much,but i dont kill doctor because he uses frankie a buff.I can hit him double with this buff.After frankie,i killed doctor.Easy. ZPCI Elite-This guy is easy if you have distrupt.I used Distrupt whenever he uses Aim For Hearth.Easy in biological. Felicity-This battle is actually not to me,just took 20 minutes.Always distrupt felicity so she cant use Black Metal thing.Veradux hits less but i always distrupted.After she uses Serious Bussines,I used break as much as possible. Zone 2:Oberursel,The Frozen Village Frost Zombie:Too easy again. Frost Terror,Frost Zombiex2-This guys are though.First i killed the top zombie because Roald attacks him mostly.He dies easily.Distrupt when Frost Terror uses ice rage or recupenerating.Kill the bottom zombie,which that should be easy and finally Frost Terror alone will not that hard. Knight:Easiest fight in the zone. Knight,Priest-Easy if you know what to do.Use Distrupt 2 times to Priest and she will stun herself for 4 turns.Then put every team mate to relentless.She will go down.Knight is easy. Frost Lord-Easy compared to other fights.Distrupt when he uses the healing skill. Mage,Knight,Priest-This battle is hard because everyone heals or uses shield to mage which casts doom.Start using Distrupt on Priest and she will stunned.Then,go for Mage until she have 700-600-500-400 health.Then break her or she will heal more than her health.She will go down next tour.Then beat Knight Mage Mage Knight-Second hardest fight in the game i think.It took me 30 tries to find the perfect turn because Mages always using the doom thing.At least i have Crystallize.So i crystallized upper mage and killed the bottom mage because knight dont use shield on her.Then i crystallized the Knight and go for Upper Mage.This battle was actually too hard,because Veradux was killed first on me. Cult Leader,I think this is the resting battle after all of these hard fights.Dont attack whenever he uses Retrograde.Too easy. Baron Brixius-Easiest boss in the RPG gaming history.I equip 4 distrupt,he cant attack,he can always recovering focus for his health.Too easy.I repeat this battle until i get the weapon Unholy Runeblade. ZPCI Elite,Armored Houndx2-This battle all depends luck.Still distrupt ZPCI when he uses aim for hearth thing.I missed alot in this fight but i won. ZPCI Sniper, Captain Hunt, ZPCI Medic-Actually,this is the hardest BOSS in entire game.You need luck and you most know tactic or you will never get them.First i crystallized Medic and break sniper's shield.Using this strategy over and over will killy sniper,hopefully.Then go for the medic.Now,crystallize captain and break medic's shield.Now you should be killed him.Captain Hunt wont be too hard alone.Distrupt whenever he uses something that raises his strenght. Zone 3-The Train Spectre-Easy.Repeat this battle until you get Annihilation weapon. ZPCI Elitex2-Easy.

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