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some of the stuff posted on my page might not be suitable for all ages, and might offend some people, so don't get mad if your offended, because i warned you lol

I live in Wisconsin, I like to shoot some hoops now and then, and I also like to do some kegstands, I actually just did my first keg stand a couple weeks ago and it was pretty fun XD

High Scores:

"Toss The Turtle"

Total Distance: 10,344,085.6
Best Distance: 1,353,844.1
Total Cash Earned: 129,425

"The Flood Runner 2"

Best Distance: 10,413
Best Final Score: 2,474,826

Check out my other profile
my "Free Rider 2" maps are on it

I forgot the password, then i made this one and i remembered it lol

The Drinking Age

Talk South Park

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