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I’m a bubbly, funny, intelligent person,
And comforting if someone cries,
I’m bold, bright and enthusiastic,
Unfortunately not very wise.

I’m compassionate to others if they need love,
I’m grateful for my family and friends,
I’m responsible for things I have done,
But not when the thing was money to spend.

I have dark brown hair and eyes,
And I am medium height,
I have light brown skin colour,
And short nails I like to bite.

My parents are from Ethiopia,
But I was born and live here,
I go to a school named La Sainte Union,
That’s a girl’s school if you didn’t hear.

I have many friends and lots of family,
Especially on my mum’s side,
My friends are really nice and cool,
Especially because they comfort me when I cry.

I like to sing and dance a lot,
I like to read books,
I like to go out with friends,
I also like to cook.

I like it when it starts to rain,
And people are rushing to get dry,
I like it when one minute you see a bug,
Then it disappears in the blink of an eye.

I don’t like it when it’s way too hot,
And you’re stuck in a stuffy classroom,
I don’t like it when people get jealous,
It really makes me fume.

So this is the poem about me,
I wrote it from my heart,
I don’t care if you don’t like it,
Because this is my personal work of art.

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