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hear ar sum Totem Destroyer Cheats
Code              Result
voteforpedro    - unlock all levels
sicktot         - The Hulk replaces the totem idol at the title screen
goths           - Goth idol during game play
thisisnotalevel - Secret level, [no spaces or caps]
crazyai         - Menu's AI destroy blocks faster, making it easy to get
                  the Virtual Mastermind achievement.
Monkeybananna   - unlock all acheivments.
fattytot        - makes tot huge in gameplay
spideytot       - makes AI red
boingytot       -  makes tot bounce really high in gameplay
rapidfall       - enables you to destroy blocks quickly
crazyai - on the menue the totems explode faster

by the way you can unlock the achivement VIRTUAL MASTERMIND alot quicker doing this.
thank:garra for this. =)
yes i will help the Bunny!
for more info go to theones page= )

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