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S.P.A.M. Sending.Pointless.Accumalative.Messages. Hey Guys, My names Kevin Hunter. I am looking for some fun. If you know where I can have some fun please let me know. Thanks. Red HoT FIA, I SPIT THAT ICECREAM TRUCKS? I CHASE THAT! FAT PEOPLE, I HATE THAT! though, POUNDS! I GAIN THAT! JEWS , I JEW THAT! VODKA, I SIP THAT! SUPAH MARIO? I PLAY THAT! Lemme know if you got more "HILARIOUS" phrases from Rap Battle Parody 3 or some that should be used for the 6th one. Ahahahaha, I dont get it "( *-*)" I own: Halo Reach COD MW3 (Currently) Assasins Creed Return to Castle Wolfenstien Quake wars (Enemy territory) and God of War DOn't forget Drakes Fortune Uncharted 1,2, and 3! Drakes DECEPTION! THE ULTIMATE ROYALTY RIDDLE Once upon a time there was a wise and noble king. He has a great fortune to pass down though the problem was he had three sons. He couldn't decide to which one he would give it to so he told them, "I will give each of you about $10 worth of money, whichever one of you can buy something with that money that will fill up a whole room in this palace will have my treasure passed down to them. Son #1- Bought a chair, stood on it, and said "I can tough the ceiling so I guess I filled the room up. His fortune denied. Son #2- Bought alot of food, filled himself up, considering he was already very round was able to touch both walls of the room and said "See I can touch the width so I guess I filled the room up right?". His fortune denied. Son #3- Bought two items and completed the challenge and has his fathers' (the kings') fortune passed down. What were his two items? Answer: Unscramble them- A box of MTCHESA and a CANLDE. It did fill up the room right? Leave your comments below if you have other answers or if you liked the riddle.

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