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No Longer Finding a Reason to Associate Myself with this Website.
a quick link to my messenger

CAHS NEWS: CAHS is coming back; brp updated the members list for all of the active members.

>brp47- owner of CAHS
>catclaws12 - founder co-leader
>SoymasterYos - co-leader
>kingofwar1234 - co-leader
>KingWarHammer - co-leader
>Clausse - co-leader
>helpmeouthere - inspiration
>Kevin8ye - recruit
>leothesmith - recruit
>Schmiddy1234 - recruit
>zant854 - recruit
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It's official... I've decided to shut down the King Clan. It wasn't headed anywhere so. Yeah. R.I.P King Clan

I live in Michigan, and unless you live under a rock you'll know that it's in the U.S.A

I play Football,(American obviously), Basketball, and Track.

Contact me on PSN if you want! @ warfreak5453

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