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ArmorGames Archiver ~~~AG 2.0 BETA TESTER~~~ [The Archivist] sig I wonder who other people think I am. Am I still remembered? Or have I faded into obscurity. I lurk almost daily...but I seem to be on the outer of the 'tight-knit community.' I am still the longest active member...but my hey-day is heading into night... ~~~~~~~~~ Currently studying Mechanical and Sustainable Energy Engineering... Friends list is now empty...ish...which is really slightly annoying because I have no one to test my highscores against... I haunt the Art, Music and Writing Section... I'm still checking this moderately often, and still active sporadically in the AM&W. Life moves on... ...six years..? Lastly, if you are wondering about my Armatar - it was an entry to a Spring Contest that I entered, and got it put up on the site. Not many other people have it, and no, there is no way you can get it.

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