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  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: no i dont
  • MSN: no i dont
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  • XBOX Live: I was going to get it but all the adapters broke =(
  • Wii: yes
  • PSN: nope
  • SteamID: kirkleskrunch


Hey, my name is Kirk McConnell I love Gemcraft, Free Rider 2 and Sonny.
I have alot of good fr2 tracks but i deleted them unfortunately
Comment me to know more
My kongregate name is xXxChunKxXx
Well I THINK im back
I need to catch up on points, at one point i was in the top 40> so yeah...


Not finished...

-18 1i 18 1i,-16 1k -1k 1u,-39 5 -1n -1g 11 -1g 1n -42 1k -32 26 -5d 21 -39 2l -6k 2e -26 32 -6q,32 -6s 39 -5m 3h -7b 3h -6u 3r -84 40 -3h 43 -94 4i -6d 4t -9p 4m -dn 5p -bi 4m -ej -10p -12c,-38 5 -5h 5c c 54 -1j 1t,-5e 5a -4l 3q -52 5b -4h 43 -4g 5a -42 2k -47 5b -3t 3j -3r 5a -3l 3r -3f 5a -32 2a -2o 57 -2h 3r -2a 57 -27 44 -1u 56 -1k 2u -1d 52 -15 3f -m 53 -j 40 2 54,-1e -1t -8 -1u,-10 -24 n -29,-2q -v -3o 1,-3q b -4c 20,-4c 1c -50 35,-p 23 0 38,-i 2r 7 44,15 1h 3t 1f 78 1f,k 22 21 22,1i 28 4j 2a,3r 1u 6q 1t,74 1f 7s 1h 8m 1j 9s 22 b3 2k cg 3b dn 3v f1 4m gd 5d hs 65 jc 6t kt 7n mg 8g o4 9a pp a4 re au t4 bp ur ck 10i df 12a ea 142 f5 15r fv 17m gk 19g gr 1ba gt 1d3 gr 1ep gf 1ge fp 1i1 eu 1jk e1 1l9 d4 1mv cj 1o3 ch 1or d3 1ot dv 1o6 ej 1n7 f2 1m8 fg 1lg g2 1m9 gm 1n9 gn 1o9 gu 1os hi 1pl ia 1qm i5 1rk hl 1sj i0 1td j3 1t8 k7 1s5 ks 1qr lk,1qr lk 1pu mb 1qb n7 1rb mv 1sb ma 1ro n8 1r6 ns 1sc np 1t0 mm 1ti lh 1to mv 1t6 o8 1se pj 1s0 qn 1st qt 1tk qg 1u0 r4 1up rg 1vp rn 20s sb 224 t9 238 u4 24e v3 25n 103 272 115 28e 128 29s 13c 2bb 14h 2cr 15n 2eb 16u 2ft 186 2hf 19e,9q 2p d6 4g,cl 4i dm 57,do 4q jo 81,il 7p kd 8q,ln 8n s6 bv,nl aq sl dk,rn cf 11t fg,156 g9 165 gm 176 h0 18d hc 19k hl,167 hn 17b i0 18f i4 19j i6 1ar i4 1bv ht,1dt hg 1ev ha 1g1 gu 1h7 gf 1ih g0,1is f0 1jp ei 1ko e3,1kt g2 1lb gk 1m8 h3 1nd h8,1ls eu 1mk eh,1l6 ei 1m3 e6 1n2 dp,1ku i3 1m1 il 1n3 iu,1n7 i0 1oa ih 1p9 iq,1pc js 1q5 je 1qu iu,1sf jq 1rg k7 1q8 kp 1or ld,1rs jf 1qm jp 1p7 k5 1nv ke,1vc sn 22v ve,221 ub 24h 10b,23i 104 27i 136,25o 114 265 11c,262 11j 27a 12f,28l 13f 2ev 18b,2cv 16e 2hg 19t,2ha 199 2i0 19r 2ip 1ah 2jk 1b7 2ki 1c0 2lk 1cu 2mf 1e1 2lv 1f5 2kn 1fo 2jc 1g9 2hu 1gs 2gj 1hj 2fv 1ij 2g4 1jj 2gs 1ke 2hr 1kt 2iu 1le 2k0 1m6 2l5 1n5 2m3 1o3 2n4 1p4 2o5 1q7 2p6 1rd 2q8 1sl 2rb 1tu 2sg 1va 2tn 20m 2v2 223 30i 23e 327 24j 33v 25m 35r 26i 37o 274 39m 27h 3bk 27q 3dg 27s,2uh 22s 2qt 1ul,2qg 1tn 2pp 1t3 2p4 1sh,2mr 1re 2m8 1qn 2le 1q0,2og 1rb 2ni 1ql 2ml 1q0 2lk 1p8 2kl 1oh 2jl 1np,2gm 1ks 2g1 1k6 2fk 1jc,2f4 1jo 2f6 1iu 2fd 1i3 2fj 1h1,2fv 1hk 2gj 1h1 2ha 1gj,2k5 1fa 2ko 1f1 2l6 1eh,2k5 1cs 2kn 1da 2l6 1do 2lh 1eb,2ku 1n4 2ls 1nv 2mm 1oq 2ne 1pi 2o4 1qe 2or 1re 2pk 1sj 2qf 1tu 2rg 1ut 2se 1vk,300 238 30m 23p 31f 24a,31t 25b 32o 25p 33u 26a 359 26u,2v8 23v 2vr 24d,33s 26m 34s 274 35v 27h 372 27s,36d 277 37f 27i 38l 27s 39s 284 3bh 28h,3aa 27s 3b7 27v 3c9 282 3d8 285,3d9 27q 3dv 27o 3ek 27e,3g1 26j 3fq 27b 3fh 282 3fb 28r 3f8 29i,3f6 29e 3f7 2af 3f9 2bd 3fh 2cl 3g3 2du 3go 2ff 3h7 2gt 3hn 2ie 3i7 2k1 3io 2ln 3j7 2nd 3jb 2ov 3jd 2qe 3jd 2rm 3jd 2st 3jf 2ue 3jh 2vr 3jl 31b 3jo 32u 3js 34k 3k0 36b 3k5 384 3ka 39u 3kf 3bq 3kl 3dn 3ku 3fl 3l9 3hl 3ll 3jo 3m3 3lr 3mf 3nf 3mr 3p3 3n8 3qo 3nn 3sd 3o6 3u2 3om 3vo 3p7 41e 3pp 434 3qa 44r 3qt 46h 3rh 488 3s5 4a0 3sq 4bn 3tg 4de 3u6 4f6 3ut 4gu 3vl 4il 40e 4kd 417 4m5 421 4nt 42r 4pl 43m 4rd,43m 4rd 44i 4t5 45f 4us 46d 50k 47b 52c 48a 544 49a 55r 4aa 57i 4ba 599 4cb 5b0 4dc 5cn 4ee 5ed 4fh 5g3 4gk 5ho 4ho 5je 4is 5l3 4k1 5mn 4l6 5ob 4mb 5pv 4ni 5ri 4oo 5t5 4q0 5un 4r8 608 4sg 61p 4tp 639 4v3 64o 50d 668 51o 67n 533 695 54e 6ak 55r 6c2 577 6df 58l 6es 5a2 6g9 5bg 6hl 5cu 6j2 5ed 6ke 5fs 6lq 5hb 6n5 5ir 6og 5ka 6pr 5lr 6r6 5nc 6sh 5ot 6tq 5qf 6v4 5s1 70d 5tk 71m 5v7 72u 60r 746 62f 75e 643 76k,643 76k 65o 77r 67d 790 692 7a5 6ao 7ba 6ce 7ce 6e5 7di 6fr 7el 6hi 7fo 6ja 7gq 6l1 7hs 6mp 7it 6og 7jv 6q8 7l0 6s0 7m1 6to 7n2 6vg 7o2 719 7p3 732 7q2 74s 7r1 76m 7rv 78g 7sr 7ab 7to 7c6 7uj 7e2 7vd 7fu 807 7hq 80v 7jn 81n 7lj 82e 7ng 834 7pd 83q 7ra 84f 7t7 852 7v3 85l 810 867 82t 86o 84q 879 86n 87p 88k 88a 8ah 88r 8ce 89b 8eb 89q 8g9 8a8 8i7 8al 8k5 8b1 8m3 8bc 8o2 8bn 8q0 8c1 8rv 8ca 8tu 8ci 8vs 8cq,8vs 8cq 91r 8d1 93q 8d7 95o 8db 97m 8de 99k 8dg 9bh 8dh 9de 8dh 9fa 8dg 9h4 8de 9is 8d9 9kk 8d3 9ma 8cs 9o0 8ck 9pl 8ca 9r9 8c0 9sr 8bj 9up 8b0 a0i 8a8 a28 89f a3s 88k a5d 87n a6q 86n a85 85m a9g 84l aas 83r ac2 842 abv 855 abg 867 aau 879 aae 88k aa2 8a7 a9s 8bk a9p 8d4 a9n 8eo a9l 8ge a9k 8i6 a9j 8k1 a9i 8lv a9m 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