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_______________________________ Bottom of Page Straight to Comments _______________________________ My name is Katie. I have played games from Armor Games on addictinggames.com and onemorelevel.com but the experience is so much better on this website. My favorite genre of games is tower defense (TD) games. Check out my favorite games. _______________________________ About me: I have two dogs; Maggie and Murphy. I like to go out to my lakehouse and tube, kneeboard, and dive off the dock. I love animals and am a bit of a tree hugger! (lol) My little brother is mtwngr and my real life BFF is doemoe. I love to read and if it weren't for homework, I would love school. _______________________________ ~Game hints~ Level codes for The Unfair Platformer: (if you want to cheat LOL) Level 2 = XZ589L Level 3 = KKLJH7 Level 4 = 7645UK Level 5 = E5G9GY Final Level = OLKJ55 Check-point codes for HOBO: (you know you want to cheat!) 1) HOTDOGS 2) PARKLIFE 3) PUSSYCAT (it won't let me say the first part of the word, but you should be smart enough to figure it out) _______________________________ *Game Records: -Days till orbit on hedgehog launch - 8 -Farthest level on Gemcraft - Still trying to beat epic level 1 -Fathest stage on Music in Motion - died on stage 2 -Best time on Four Second Frenzy - 79 seconds -Highest level on Neon Layers - stuck on level 6 -Best score and multiple I know I have gotten on Music Catch - X62, 1567680 (same game) -Most coins at the end of James The Pirate Zebra (crows nest mode) - 14 -Best recorded score on Bee Dodger - 4395 -Highest level on Obsessive Compulse Tournament - can't get pass level 4 -Highest score on Ladybug - 2890 -Farthest level on totem destroyer - 16 -Farthest League on Base Jumping - 5 * Let me know what some of your records are!* _______________________________ ~TRY THIS TD GAME! Ybom showed it to me. Enjoy! Super Energy Apocalypse ~Also, try this site... Tower Defence Game Website ~Another of my favorite games... Ant Buster (Official Website) _______________________________ ~Play Free Rice! It's a great way to help needy people, have fun, and learn something for a change! You can choose different subjects (including the usual vocabulary), and change the difficulty level. Plus it is free and not a scam. I first played it in school and think it is really great. Please get involved! Thanks guys! _______________________________ (\__/) This is bunny boo. Copy and paste (+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him (")_(") gain world domination! ... thats from cargirl _______________________________

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