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  • AIM: my current aim is on an evil bunny man that turned
  • MSN: My Super Nation's name is Kugatopolis!!!!! MWAHAHA
  • XBOX Live: My Xbox is not alive u idiot
  • Wii: yes im having fun why else would i be on this website
  • SteamID: yes im hot u dont need to say my id is steaming hot (lol this is all a joke except for the bunny men


"Politics are the whomb of which war is born."
bands i listen to are system of a down,
kiss, ac/dc, three days grace, korn, saliva, puddle of mudd, journey, nirvana, alice in chains, aerosmith, avenged sevenfold, bon jovi, dio, def leppard, foreigner, foo fighters, guns n' roses, hinder, the killers, linkin park, led zepplin, metallica, my chemical romance, nickelback, ozzy osborne, pearljam, papa roach, queen, ratt, red hot chili peppers, saving abel, seether, sixx am, skidrow, staind, slipknot, stone sour, taproot, theory of a dead man, twisted sister, trapt, the used, van halen, weezer, white lion, white zombie, white snake, brian adams, funeral for a friend, disturbed, apocalyptica, drowning pool, him, incubus, atreyu, pantera, all american rejects, green day, jack's mannequin, living colour, motley crue, nazerith, pink floyd, sting and the police, quiet riot, senses fail, seven mary three, shinedown, simple plan, smile empty soul, and many more! and these are all rocks bands i HATE rap it FREAKING sucks
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h 25 1j 33 1k 45 1h 57 16 63 g 6o -i 7b -23 7r -3k 88 -59 8o -6u 98 -8k 9n -ab a7 -c3 am -dr b3 -fk bg -he,4j g 58 2 5o -k 64 -1d 6d -26 6k -30 6q -3n 74 -4f 7a -5a 7j -64 7q -71 7v -7u 89 -93 8k -a7 93 -bi,92 -bg 96 -c8,96 -c6 9b -cs 9i -dk 9r -ef a3 -f9 a9 -g2 ad -gq,bh -hd bm -i3 bq -ip bv -je c9 -k1 cn -ke,ad -gp aj -hc ap -hv au -ij b1 -j7 b5 -jp bc -k7 bn -km c4 -l4 cm -le da -li dt -lk,dv -ll eh -ll f3 -lm g1 -lo gn -lr hd -ls i2 -lt ik -lt,cl -kd da -kk e3 -ko et -kq fk -ks gc -ku h5 -kv hs -l1 ii -l4 j5 -l8,lk 2e n3 2d ol 2d qd 2c sk 2c ua 2c 102 2b 11s 2b 13n 2b 15f 2b 173 2b 18m 2e 1am 2g 1cl 2i 1eg 2i 1g8 2h 1ht 2g 1jf 2e 1l4 2f 1mr 2h 1om 2i 1qg 2h 1sa 2h 1u4 2i 1vv 2h 21p 2h 23m 2i 25l 2k 27j 2l 29h 2n 2bf 2p 2dd 2r 2fb 2t 2h8 31 2j5 34 2l2 38 2mv 37 2os 34 2qo 32 2sl 31 2uh 30 30b 2v 326 2v,-176 1he -156 1hd -12o 1hc -103 1hb -te 1ha -qo 1h9 -o7 1h8 -lp 1h7 -jg 1h7 -ha 1h6 -f7 1h5 -d6 1h3 -b8 1h2 -9b 1h1 -7g 1h0 -5o 1gv -40 1gv -2b 1gu -m 1gt 1e 1gs 3h 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||||||| ||||
||||||| |||| uganaut45
possible for bmx just try trust me
-18 1i 18 1i,6u 5m 6j uc,6j u6 dv u6,6k u3 75 r7 7d tn 7q ql,7q qn 80 th 84 q3 8f tr 94 ra 96 tc 9m q3 9r tj a4 qc a9 tb au qb au to,au te b6 q4 b9 t8,b6 sk bh pp bm u7,bl u3 cc qa cq tj d8 q6,d8 q4 do tn,dm to dt pr dv u2,1q8 -1k1 1q3 -1jv,70 5m 15 1h,35 1em 32 1g4,ub 5c tn t7,tn t2 dk u8,dp tp ev pa ev tp g7 ln,g7 li g4 t2 gm rj hh tm,is sr in p8 jl t2,jl sj jv nc kq s7,kq rq kq o2,kq nt lo tm,lh s4 mh nt,mh o0 mp ta,ns rt oq ne pq sj,pq s9 q2 nm rm rt,rr qn sp nj ss sc,ti sm qc l3,qc lb qe sj,pt s4 oi lb,-1b 1j -13 -1t 1b1 -25 1as 4t ud 5c,hd t5 h9 pf hp t1 i6 oe i0 sl im oi im td,l9 r3 lh nk m9 qk,mq r5 ne mk nj tp,ng qu nn lb oe pr,om lf o3 p7,p2 o9 p6 k8 q1 ob,4h 1m oh ds,og dt qk hb,t0 pi t5 ko tp ql##G ti 5r 2q,G uv -1n 5k,G 1a3 -12 b8,G 19v 4c 2q,G uo 4i 5k,S pc f6,S p0 f1,S oc ei,S oj es,S p5 fq,S pk fv,S pk fo,S p7 fe,S or fe,S p5 fq,S pm gc,S qd ha,S q8 hf,S pk gj,S pk gj,S qd gt,S qn hu,S pp gr,S pf g7,G sc iu 2q,G sc jr 2q,G rr jk 2q,G rr k5 2q,T 18m -b,T 18p 1m,T 13f 4,T 11q 3e,T 145 3l,T 15v -3,T 112 2b,T 10j 28,T uu 33,T va 3t,T v8 4b,T v8 4b,T us 44,T uu 1u,T uu 1f,T v5 m,T 103 -g,T 13k 5,T 195 3j,T 12u 3n,T 10t 3l,T 10e 1m,T 15n 3t,T 179 42,T 180 42

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