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Advertisement: Tired? Sleepy? Want to keep playing AG from a comfortable place? Then reserve your place in Xzz's FREE grave's! Yes that's right, a FREE grave just for you! The views of the vast graveyard are literally breathtaking, and dead silence of the grave inhabitants give a peaceful aura! The friendly local staff provide a nice cosy blanket of fresh and natural earth! A perfect blanket for those who want comfort, without hurting the environment or their wallet! Play fantastic games at the local Mausoleum! Meet famous celebrities, such as The Grim Reaper, Hades, The Addams Family and much more! Or you can just play AG from the comfort of your grave! So don't delay, book you free grave today! Access the owner of the graveyard's site Xzz by clicking here!. Disclaimer: No responsibility can be taken for the possible and highly likely event of players being buried alive while in the graves. The celebrities hold the right to devour as many AG souls as they see fit to extend their own life, offer a player's soul to their boss or to attack any player they feel is cheating in the casinos provided, such as in the Mausoleum. It is highly recommended to have your soul stolen before attempting to acquire a grave. To remove your soul, click here. ________________________________ Highest rank: #538 Achieved: 16/04/09 ********************************************* I want free AG points

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