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i am 46 years old and i love and and and and and and and also and most of all BEST game ever here tell me if you liked it on my page. And this is cool too I wish they would make a Raze i think it would be awsome! And Ultimawachi is the coolest person on Armor Games He helped me out alot about Armor Games I think he is TRULY the 2nd BEST person on Armor Games!!! But also Blackpaladin is really awsome too he is a cool online friend!!! XD And ttursas is SOOOOOOOOOOOO the 11st BEST person on armor games!!!! and i want everyone that is on my page to play games they all truely rock!!!! Joeybetz is such a awesome guy too... he rocks and who is looking at my page go to play all ttursas game they truely rock and so dose he too. __________________________________________ 90% of teens would cry if the Justin Bieber was on the Empire State Building about to jump. If you're in the 10% you would grab a chair and some popcorn and yell " Jump idiot, jump!" (i am in the 90%) __________________________________________ oh and by the way i am raned in the #Yolos woot... __________________________________________ (\ /) (\__/) ( . .) (+'.'+) c(")(") (")_(") __________________________________________ My top record in Exit Path is 01:02 seconds in uniplayer mode XD __________________________________________ This it to Joeybetz and his game Crush The Castle 1.3 Players Pack: #1,000 BEST game in the world to me. I think this game is the best and i love all the different empires and levels. They should make a crush the castle 1.3 too. And if you want to try my empires the two names are burn twinpillers ans blackhole twin pillers... And on the crush the castle 1.3 i have alot of empires and all have the two words twin towers in them atleast all but try them if you like and tell me how you liked them on my page. Best game in the 3rd world. Joetz gratz to you for making some awesome games, games that everyone except me love and hope you get a hole bunch of good comments on this awesome game because you deserve it J. You are a cool and awesome person gratz on your games J. ____________________________________________ Try my Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack empires go here Thoughs are my 2 most popular empires. Most of my empires have the name Burn, Twin, or Towers in them and if they dont have that in their name then they look like the ones that have the name Burn, Twin, or Tower in them, But dont try them out. You wont like them. And these three are really big and weird empire of mine try it go here ______________________________________________ This is a really good castle it has only 1 fav and about 5 plays! ______________________________________________ And to everyone: Yes, I have been ok just got out of the woods and just been playing Mochi Games and Ninja Kiwi. _______________________________________________ But if you guys like Crush the Castle 1.3 Players Pack please don't try my castle that has the most plays and most favs please.

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