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--------SHOPS------- member,
silver knight, good friend, blonde dude :P\r\ndude, sup im a surfer dude from southern cal. i also play and i enjoy playing ping pong and bike riding, my greatest acchievment is when i did a backflip by accident while riding a wave, i am a total ladiesman which is why i named my profile ladiesman and finally, my most embarassing moment is when i bought this girl an amazing b-day present then asked her out and she turned me down. i am a SHOPS member now, so if i c anybody spamming then i will report them, i give u 3 strikes, warning, firm warning, and then i will report u and give u a lame lecture that will probably put me to sleep since i'm a blonde dude. also, free rider 2 is the best game ever, and this is the best one ive made yet where u dttk (dont touch the keyboard)\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n-c 1k -a 10,-a 1i -u 1i,-10 1i -13 s,2j 35 2l 3i 3b 3f,3b 3d 3c 31,4a 4f 50 49,52 9e 5c ad 63 a5 5s 9a,c8 ip 4m p2,2q q6 3i q8 3q ps,-2k tf -6 tu,-fg 2cq -fe 2dk -dg 2ec -d1 2ea,-90 2go -7r 2f7,-am 2im -a9 2im,-d1 2md -cg 2ml,-9b 2oo -9m 2pc,-9o 2pc -ac 2p2,-i1 2u4 -ie 2vu,-km 35v -ka 35q,-kp 35v -kp 358,-gp 35v -gf 35d,-fc 3d7 -eo 3d4 -eo 3cg,-he 3gt -h6 3he -gi 3hb,-cs 3md -c6 3mq,-c6 3mp -c3 3m1,-f9 3ni -f7 3og,-f5 3oe -ee 3oe,-ee 3oc -ee 3nl,-nd 47f -mk 49i,-lc 4gf -kk 4gh,-kp 4ge -kf 4ge,-g8 4un -ed 4uv,-b1 51a -aa 514,-3q 579 -36 56p,-63 5d2 -5m 5dl,-5o 5dm -4t 5dg,-2g 5fc -1s 5er,-5t 5mh -5b 5mm,-3i 5n7 -3p 5n8,-3s 5n7 -3u 5na,-3s 5na -4i 5na,25 5oo 1n 5pe,21 5oq 1p 5ob,-s 5tb -d 5tb -3 5sv,-5u 5vm -56 608,-1p 68m -1d 68s -18 68m -12 68f -15 683,-3l 6bj -36 6bl,-6d 6h7 -52 6hv,-12 6jv -1p 6kf,-1a 6rf -1d 6rd,-1i 6pl -1f 6rk,-34 78d -2d 78h,-h 7br 2 7br,1u 7fl 2j 7fl,67 816 49 826,1d 84e 1t 84h,-1s 87j -1f 87t -13 87g,-5c 8ct -4j 8ct,-8s 8ip -8o 8j6,-8n 8j4 -84 8j3,-84 8is -84 8ip,-6k 8nl -67 8ns -5t 8ni -5r 8n9,-3s 8r5 -3n 8rd -3f 8rd -35 8r8,-35 92s -2v 939 -2b 93b,-2b 939 -22 92q,20 99e 31 994,4 9dp 1b 9fi,47 9j6 4f 9jg 4t 9jd 53 9ir,38 9mj 43 9mh,23 a2h 2p a2d,1 a6o h a6n,-2t aec -3o ae5,-1c aid -m ai7,-4g akt -44 al9,-44 al7 -3l al4,-5v aob -5h aob -54 ao1,-b0 atb -9v atb,-eu b0k -6v b5s 10d c3j,10b c3g 114 c3v 121 c4l 12u c5e 142 c6c 15a c7d 16d c8b 17h c9b 18n cae 19u cbi 1b7 cco 1cg cdv 1dq cf7 1f5 cgg 1gh chq 1ht cj4 1j9 ckf 1km clr 1m3 cn6 1ng coj 1ou cpv 1qc crc 1rq csp 1t8 cu6 1um cvj 204 d10 21j d2e 231 d3r 24f d59 25u d6n 27d d84 28r d9i 2aa db0 2bp dce 2d7 dds 2em dfa 2g5 dgo 2hj di6 2j2 djk 2kh dl2 2m0 dmg 2nf dnu 2ot dpc 2qc dqq 2rr ds8 2ta dtm 2up dv4 307 e0i 31n e20 337 e3e 34r e4r,34r e4r 365 e5r 37h e6p 39b e7t 3b6 e8r 3d0 e9n 3er eai 3gl eb4 3if ebj 3k9 ebu 3m3 ec5 3nt ec8 3pn eca 3rh ec9 3tb ec3 3v4 ebr 40u ebh 42n eb4 44h ean 46b ea7 484 e9l 49u e93 4bn e8d 4dg e7m 4f9 e6v 4h1 e66 4iq e59 4ki e47 4m9 e33,5sk fh7 5vu fhd,61i fk9 68s fn0,69q fnh 8m0 h9i,8lu h9i 8mk h9r 8nb ha3 8o6 hac 8ov hak 8pm has 8qk hb2 8rn hb4 8sk hb0 8tn hah 8uo h9q 8vo h91 90v h83 920 h79,94t har cas k64,cb0 k68 cdg k8e cdu k8q cef k93 cf3 k9c cfl k9n cgb ka2 ch5 kac ci2 kas cj1 kbl ck8 kcb cld kd2 cmk kdu cnt keu cp9 kg0 cql kh5 cs1 kib ctf kji cut kkq d0b km4 d1q kne d3a kop d4p kq4 d69 krf d7p kss d99 ku8 dap kvl dc9 l12 ddq l2f dfb l3s dgr l5a dic l6n djt l86 dle l9k dmv lb1 dog lcf dq1 ldt dri lfb dt3 lgp dul li5 e09 ljg e1v lko e3m llv e5f ln4 e78 lo7 e92 lp8 eas lq6 ecm lr1 eeh lrp egd lsc eia lst,eia lst ek6 lte em3 ltv eo0 lud epu lun err lut etn lv0 evj lut f1e luk f39 lu9 f53 ltq f6u lt1 f8o ls2 fah lr0,gvt lmk gut ls6,gkr ou2 gla ou1,gle otv gmh osu,g7k pm9 g9n pmi,g5b puf ijr s7j,ijp s7h ikc s83 ile s8t imj s9r inm sak iou sb0 iqa sbd irq sbj itg sbd iv7 sb4 j0v sar j2k sad j46 s9p j5o s91 j7c s84 j90 s76,l0v v6m kt7 v5l,l0t v5i l01 v7p##B j7q s7d 1g,B j7g s78 21,T j8j s6p,B f96 lqk 1g,B f9f lr5 1a,B f98 lqm 1m,B f9f lr0 1m,B f9c lr2 1v,B f9m lr2 1d,B 4li e3a 1n,B 4e9 e72 1s,B cf bk3 42,B 5i 9jv 7m,B -5c 5mc 22,B -ee 3pi 1v,B -9b 2q0 8q,B -4j uv ar,B -6c th 5d,B 68 bd 7s,B -k 2i 83
this is my new theme song that i made on punk-o-matic


FOR THE LAST TIME, I DID NOT GET MY NAME FROM TRANSFORMERS, THAT MOVIE CAME OUT AFTER I MADE THIS PROFILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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