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———————————————————————— The biography I made at like 12 years old ———————————————————————— love games! fave wii game is super smash bros. brawl! feel free to friend my ssbb code, which is (ill put it in later sry) i play tennis, golf, and love to go swimming! also love! (i love kittehs). $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ ^($_$)^ kyahco_Sukaimasuta is mah friend! my special name: tochimasutae! (credit goes to kyahco for finding it XD)! two weird/awesome sites i found XD http://www.·.com/ cya round people cheese, cheez, happy birthday and KTHXBAI ———————————————————————— —_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_- ———————————————————————— ⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\ My now super smart and rly mature 16 atm bio: ⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\⁄\ Yoooo. Enjoy le internet culture and all that. c what I did thar? Feel free to PM me if— I mean \post\ on my ArmorGames ***wall*** if you want to say yo. yo yo yo. Before I blow your mind with how little I can think to put on here, allow me to ponder for later updates of this bio. In that order. Thatmadenosense.

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