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my name is lasallelions and obviously u can tell that i go to lasalle academy in south bend indiana unless ur and idiot and u cant read this whateever but im a baseball kinda guy and i love all sports im gonna grow up and live in either new york and play for the new york yankees or live in california and play for the chicago white sox. im going to be rich and live in a mansion with my hot super model wife.well thats wat i hope will happen shut up im just a guy on the cumputer watching kung fu panda legands of awsomeness or listening to music.. any ways im 12 years old and i luv to play bad eggs online right now i think im a level 49 but im worken on it. i luv to play dodgeball and im the best in my school. im usually on armor games alot but sometimes im too busy with baseball. right now im watching po and hundun fight becuase po messed up hundunes life yeahh its preety epic. i luv to play skate 3 for the xbox 360 and i luv black about to eat my grandmas world famous and the name says it all. im a straight A student and right now im just tryna waste time so yeah... lalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalal;lalalalalalalalalalallalalalalallalalalallalallalalalalallalalalalalallalalalallalalalallalalalallalalalallalalalalallalalalallalalalalalallalalalalalalallalallalalalallalalalallalalalalallalallalalalalallallalalalallalalallalalalalalalalallalalalallalalalallalallalalalalallalalallalalalallalalallalalallalalalalallalalalallalalalalallalalalalalalalallalalalallalalalallalalallalalallalalalalallalalalallalalallalalalallalalalallalalalalallalalallalalalallalalalallalalallalalalalallalalalallalalalallalzlallalalalallalalalalalalallalalalalalalallalallalalalallalalallalallalalalalallalalalalallalalallalalallalalallall hhhhheeeeeeeessssss ooouuuurrr fffaaammmiilllyy ggggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyy bye

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