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My names Adam im nearly 14 and i play halo on xbox live at my mates but i will have it soon then add all you wannabe halo players
my first properFR2 map
-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1g 24 19,-3r 48 -3n 4v -3d 5k -2u 67 -2b 6n -1l 72 -u 78 -7 7a g 74,6s bf 6c cb 5g cv 4l dg 3l dq,-1q kl -11 li,43 nt 42 or 3s pv 3e r1 2e s3 1e t0 9 u0 -12 uk -2c uh,-6a 101 -5v 10o -5i 11h -4u 12a -46 12s -39 137 -2a 13b -1c 139 -f 130 d 12g 16 11t 1q 11a,jr l6 ka kc kn je kv id l2 h3 ku fp kp e4 kk cl k8 b3 jl 9g iv 7r i8 66 hh 4f go 2o fr 13 ep -g dj -21 c9 -3g as -4p 9c -60 7r -75 67 -86 4d -93 2d -9o a -a4 -1o -ae -3p -an -5q -ap,-6q ug -6l v4 -6e vp,-dv -3m -cu -3a -bp -30 -af -2o -99 -2j,-dt -3k -eh -41 -f3 -4j -fm -5a -g5 -64 -gi -70 -gs -7u -h4 -8r##T -cj -3f,T -51 -ag,T iv aj,T j8 9b,T ke cp,T kq gs,T 14 11t,T -6q v7,T 2r qs,T -1j kk,T 5e ci,T -2h 67,T -1 m,G h 120 cr,G n9 m3 lg,G -5h -ah gv,B -3l -ad jo

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