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erwm where shall i begin??... i am 12 yrs old i live in a funny town i love sleeping and i love gaming, i love girls xDD i fcking hate ugly *****es that think theyr everything.... i want 1 time meet a guy or train with him for 2 years] == Cristiano ronaldo omfg tht guy is amazing i am 47.5 kg i've got 2 sisters i always play on ps3 not much on pc i have a fanatic body i love sporting i am self playing soccer [never shall i die/stop in soccer]  i self want to become an soccer player B.T.W i hateeee working and i hateeee going to school im strong but i hate fighting
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 �"��"��"��-��-��-��"��"��"��"��"��"��"��"��"� Copy And Paste This on a site/or word!!  y should see what it isXD

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