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looking for good friends...\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nyes sequre silver -18 1i 18 1i 2e 14 3a -3,3a -4 3b -23 2b -22 3e -2j 3q -2a 3r -1v 3a -19,-18 1h -3j 1e,-3j 1d -4l 16 -5r u -76 h -8d 0 -9l -m -ar -1j -br -2o -ck -41 -d7 -59 -dm -6f -du -7s -du -95 -df -ab -ck -ba -bd -c1,6l -2g 5j -45 6h -2f 5h -43 6d -2f 5f -42 68 -2g 5d -41 67 -2d 5a -40 62 -2c 58 -3v,57 -3v 5u -2b,5t -2b 55 -3u 5q -2a 3e -2k,6l -2h 6s -24 74 -1t 7g -1r 84 -1t 97 -26 dk -42 dg -4e,5p -2a 6l -2g,3d -2a 3m -25,34 -2a 2s -24,3f -1u 3i -1u,2c -22 3b -30 3d -2j,3a -2u 2s -2c,9n 4e hj 4d hj 3q,9s a7 3i a7,9r a7 a3 9i an 9c,al 9c ak a1 9j b1 df at e2 a3 e2 at ec a5 f0 a5,f0 a3 l1 7l pr 3o rv -5 10m -8,s0 -1q qh -47,qi -47 11o -4a 13a -12,vk 8d 17e 8i,128 8d 129 7i,144 8f 154 7v 17t 7v,183 7v 198 8k 1ad 96 1c1 9l 1de 9l,17c 8i 18e ap 1dl b8 1dc 9k 1kb 9i,vl 8e v9 ag ug a1,uh a1 v9 8i s9 a6,s8 a7 s0 9u,op gc tg gd 10g dn,or gc ma d6,3h a6 19 1j##T ah 54,T g9 55,T 12m 84,T s4 9v,T q0 fg,T 11q -h,T 6f -23,B -bf -3b a3\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nskill test on free rider

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