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I don't really know how to describe myself.
My appearance, I'm 13 and 5 feet 4 inches tall. Dark brown shaggy hair. I usually dress in red and orange? I like those colours. Personality I'm the hyper-ish kid who makes alot of words:) !!1! I'm inside alot sometimes on this site. And yeh to sum it up thats me!
I like strategy, but no td!


________*/â ¢|________
_______*/â ¢ .|________
______*(.â ¢_ )_________
_______ .|¯|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
____\ ######### //____
Love music, Love guitar :3

90% of teens would cry if the Justin Bieber was on the Empire State Building about to jump. If you're in the 10% who would grab a chair and some popcorn and yell " Do a back flip" post this on your profile!

I like popcorn! Why you may ask???

A cause it's awesome!!!(duh)

BTW I'm also a huge zombie fan!

Wow guys today I'm really bored so i kinda updated my profile and added some quotes!

"If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you."
"A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it"
"Some people are like Slinky’s. Pretty much useless but make you smile when you push them down the stairs"
"It keeps the nargles away"

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Lamb can turn to lion when they must strike,men can turn to cowards when they must fight.
If life is what you desire the life you get, but now remember no one evades death.

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