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And to all who may be wondering.. I haven't played in over 2 months (asides from a few depressing slow-mo lagged plays with GhostofMatrix)

idk why I was lagging so bad.. but regardless I've been basically done with ep.. I might come back to it now and then for some fun :D

These days I've sailed off to MKW (Mario Kart Wii) And I also play Brawl occasionally :P

I'll check in on this wall now and then so if anyone wants to play mkw or brawl say so :D

Annnd if anyone just wants to plain talk about whatever :P

Here's a few interesting games :P
(You Have to Burn the Rope)
just google it :P


anyone who's interested in tetris..
I am HippieMagic

that is all :D

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