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Guess what? I'v been a member since 2006! DAT DATE IS FAKE!! I'm the ruler of lobbyland....Where people go and talk, play, fight and spam sadly.....Lobbyland used to be a nice place where you could see many of your friends...But because of this monster labelled S after "school"...People stopped coming to lobbyland...And it became a sad and haunted place......I'm haunting it.....PEOPLE COME BACK pwease! How about that for a story neccaro XD Grrrrrr............................................ More about myself: I'm a guy that loves himself too much. I'm lazy like most of the people....correct me if i'm wrong. Eh what else....I see myself as a mean and cruel person who likes to tease others and mess around with their feelings. I don't like people correcting me in english! BECAUSE I AM ENGLISH. Here are some questions i get asked usually: Q: Are you a girl? A: HELL NO Q: Why did you call your username madishi? A: As if I know..... Q: What does madishi mean? A: I DON'T KNOW I'm just saying these are some stupid questions I get...It's not all of the questions.....Anyways that's all I got for today lads. If you have any ideas you want to share with me, feel free to post anything and anytime. Life is soooo boring these days...To all my friends and weirdos viewing my profile, I'M BORED WITHOUT YOU (it's not like I'll be any better with you XD)

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