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i like coming up with stories and plots. and i enjoy writing, making movies, and doing just about anything else i can to tell the stories i make. i love playing games, and nothing tops a good storyline in a game.

i love working. i love going on the back of my property and chopping down trees, digging up rocks, or just digging in general, especially with my dad.
i am religious. i am a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, or lds, alot of people refer to our church as the mormon church but we prefer lds.
i have two good friends doug, and andy. doug is my partener in crime lol we are practically brothers. i work for his dad alot building furniture. me and doug make movies, write stories, come up with games, and just do anything fun we can. the movies we upload on youtube, for our stories, usually i come up with the base plot or we work together and then he writes it while i make suggestions on alterations (he is the good writer i am just good at coming up with plots) and for the games... we don't really get anywhere with those. we are both good at coming up with all of the little details about the game but neither of us can program so we can't actually do anything lol. my other good friend is andy, we make games, he is a great artist... or at least far better than me. and we play games alot.
i like to play guitar although i am not very good at it yet.

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