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K so I am currently going through university to be a math and computer science high school teacher.

Fav quotes:
Blinken: AHHH You lost your arms in battle! But you grew a nice set of boobs!

Edward: I’m trying to explain that our bodies may be connected some how, even though I’m here, and your body is over there. See? That might actually explain why I’m so s-… Sho-… Short!
Winry: He admitted it!
Alphonse: He’s starting to face reality!

The Boss: Yitzchok the Fairy.
Slevin: Why do they call him "the Fairy"?
The Boss: Because he's a fairy.
Slevin: What, he's got wings, he flies, he sprinkles magic dust all over the place?
The Boss: [annoyed] He's homosexual.

Yogurt: I hate it when my schwartz gets twisted

Yogurt: My schwarts is bigger than yours

GladOS: Oh good... My slow clap generator made it into this thing

Wheatley: Everything he says! (Like about how ponies are down the pit with your mom and candy)

and finally

My comp sci teacher: So pointers point to things (no freaking DUH!)

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