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CLICK ABOVE!! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! I was born in a roadside ditch near Spitsbergen in Svalbard, when I saw this strange animal which turned out to be a green cow. Join superbob111's football competition ASAP if you're interested. Ask superbob111 if you want to join. Here is a link that GhostOfMatrix gave me for finding threads from the forum easily. I like to play and watch football (NFL) and basketball. I am in the Myth Clan. I am currently in The Great War forum game by landspeeder Welcome to The Myth Clan - We would like to recuit new members. If anyone want to join, go tos9b1 for joining request. Purpose- 1) Join it for fun! 2). Or joining it because you want to fight and be an expert at the games you want! Clan Commander-s9b1 - Assistant Commander- - Lieutenant General- - Major General- - General- - Colonel- - Lieutenant Colonel- - Major- - Captain- - First Lieutenant- - Second Lieutenant-demonninja10 - - Sergant- - - Corporal-killixer_Jr Corporal-Steven17207 - - Specialist-lordkazuya Specialist-cjhall Specialist-SloanerBoner Specialist-soldierperson Specialist-daleks Specialist-Demon_Princess Specialist-myles1362 Specialist-RazeHax Member-L0rdDrag0 Specialist-Clausse - - Members-NeptuneWarrior Member-massmurrder Member-iSabby Member-beckitten27 Member-Kazey_hazey Member-Schmiddy1234 Member-toprichieboy Member-jessicafany Member-Josh2020 Member-Desmo46 Member-soccerdude2 Member-Jak20 Member-flamingredace14 Member-JeffK3 Member-McSwagga Member-Firehawk3 Member-fission12 Member-Skeleton_Pilot Member-MetalHeart Member-bmadojo Member-gekleak Member-SpeedyDEMONx Member-AngelOfMarshmallows Member-light_chaser Member-derp3101 Member-xShiftedHD Member-ArmorYoshi Member-Evoza Member-phones Member-killersup10 Member-Lotion7410 Member-themad Member-Homework Member-spigar1000 Member-taylorkills2 Member-kitkat25909 - - - CLAN EMPLOYEE - - Reporter-L0rdDrag0 Reporter: Pass out news to everyone in the clan. - - Ranking Organizer-Kazey_hazey Ranking Organizer: If you absent. Report her. Or she will request s9b1 to rank you down after a month absent without an excuse and s9b1 wil listen to his's employee.

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