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i am king of ducks and i am a duckzilla and its a fact!!!! DUCKS COME FROM BOXES!
i like RPG games and i like TD games lol basically anything to do with strategy ^^.
There are 2 different kind of bunnys evil ones and good ones
() ()                              ( \_/ )
(^_^)                            (+'.'+)
(_(')(')good bunny!    (")_(")evil bunny!   

which side do you choose please tell me ^^           8/7/2008

- I love sketching and drawing.
- Interested in small fun card and magic tricks
- still love strategy games
- still thinks armorgames is GREAT!

28 / 05 / 2012

- currently studying landscape Architecture and will always have time for armorgames lol ^_^

- Nearly finished my Landscape Architecture course, still haven't changed! still as childish :)

- To all who care (i dont expect much) i have finished my degree with a 2:1, armor games got me through the boring occasions of the course. ^_^

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