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Big 60 Rock/Metal Groups 1. Led-Zeppelin 2. Guns N' Roses (Slash time) 3. Deep Purple 4. Cream 5. Pink Floyd 6. Queen 7. Poison 8. The Rolling Stones 9. ZZ Top 10. Yes 11. Rush 12. Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators 13. Slash's Snakepit 14. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 15. The Yardbirds 16. Scorpions 17. Santana 18. Rainbow 19. U2 20. Whitesnake 21. Velvet Revolver 22. Lynyrd Skynyrd 23. Megadeth 24. KISS 25. Iron Maiden 26. The Doors 27. Haggard 28. Judas Priest 29. AC/DC 30. Dream Theater 31. Dio 32. Cinderella 33. Mountain 34. Blind Guardian 35. The Boys 36. Uriah Heep 37. Testament 38. Metallica 39. Anthrax 40. Manowar 41. Black Sabbath 42. L.A. Guns 43. DragonForce 44. Bon Jovi 45. The Beatles 46. Over Kill 47. Pantera 48. Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band 49. Motörhead 50. Slayer 51. Skillet 52. Nirvana 53. Pentagram 54. R.E.M. 55. U. D. O. 56. Helloween 57. Machine Head 58. Sonic Youth 59. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 60. Slipknot Dirty Loops Circus: SLASH's free solo and theme gothfather: SLASH's Double Neck SG Guitar: Steve Vai Building The Church: And Billy Sheehan: Megadeth Hangar18: Megadeth Tornado of Souls: Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle: Guns N' Roses Paradise City: Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine: (Solo is 13+) Guns N' Roses Nightrain: Guns N' Roses Rocket Queen: (Lyrics are 18+) Guns N' Roses Patience: Guns N' Roses Dust N' Bones: Guns N' Roses Don't Cry [Orginal Version]: Guns N' Roses November Rain: (Solo is 13+) Guns N' Roses Civil War: Guns N' Roses Estranged: Guns N' Roses Knockin' on Heavens Door: Guns N' Roses Don't Cry [Alternete Lyrics]: Guns N' Roses Ain't it Fun: Led-Zeppelin Straiway to Heaven: Led-Zeppelin Kashmir: Led-Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop: Led-Zeppelin Black Dog: Led-Zeppelin Rack and Roll: Cream Cocaine: KISS I Was Made For Loving You: KISS God Give Rock N' Roll To You: KISS I Wanna Rock N' Roll All Nigth: Mountain Mississippi Queen: Metallica I Disappear: Deep Purple Smoke on the Water: Deep Purple Child in Time: Haggard Herr Manellig: (13+)/(15A) SLASH's New Album: Apocalyptic Love: Slash's Snakepit Ain't Life Grand: Slash's Snakepit: Beggars & Hangers-On: Slash's Snakepit: Monkey Chow: Stevie Wonder Superstition:

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