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im a 12 year old male in AFrica my computer is a high speed coconut with a apple as a mouse i love basketball and football and armor agmes is also fun and i get on when i have any free time RAndom games~that rock Fallout 3 call of duty 4 [best eva] far cry 2 army of two left 4 dead call of duty waw and one of my favirotes ~ REsid3nt evil 5 !$$!$!$ this and Call of duty 4 Rap3s these are some games i heard of when i went to the U.S. but then went back to afirca so ya all my friends are chickens and coconuts and here are so random stuff {+ ]= :- ., ^^
. /= I celebrate christianty im obviously christian And i was borin in 1562. and my favirote thing to do is play on my coconut. XD so ya ~Andrew Famous quote of randomness [not really famous] is long is there are dogs there will be bones. [= ~ Sorry No AUTOGRAPHS TUday ~XD if you truly believe Im in Africa you Are Correct Im so happy i upgraded my coconut to a peach Woot!!!Some Armor games you need to try Straegy defense 4,Bunny invasion easter special funny,super karoshi,presidential paintball palisade gaurdian,Endless Zombie rampage,Brainzz,And my personal favirote Gemcraft Chapter 0 [that really is a game]. MY Bio will be Worked on under Construction NBA i want a purple giraffe for christmas.... and maybe a paul pierece jersey my favirote nba players are probly k3vin garnett HES A BEAST go Celtics paul pi3rc3 lebron james chris paull baby and kobe bryant they ownnz baby. i play basketball for oms number 3 and i rap3 plus i have lebron james shoes and ur jealous. BIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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