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I am a Gamer girl. I love videogames,manga and anime.
I like Armorgames because  of all there fun and unique online games~ 
I don't know any other gaming site that Saves your online games.  I use to have a Laptop  but the silly thing bugged out and the blue screen of death came and took it...(T^T)
I was Devastated I thought all the games and hours i Had lovingly played in these games was gone...But Behold!
I eventually got myself a custom built gaming desktop strong enough to play skyrim on! (and yes i am an Elder scrolls fan).  And when i came on this site again expecting to have to restart everything....It was all Saved!   (@u@)

I officially declared  Armorgames as my  savoir    +-(TuT)-+

Anyways I Mostly Play there online games~

but on Steam I play Cos And PoE
City Of Steam and Path of Exile~

So if you wanna Add Me as a friend on steam go long as your not a pervert or a psycho...(

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