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The club will be closing shortly. And i'm to lazy to tell you guys that alone.


um... this is midget2
If you want to join you can ask me. i'd prefer you to ask me on my other profile way more than this one but it doesn't matter.


1. don't bother other clubs it just makes people angry (you can be in mine and somebody else's just don't tic them off)

2. uhhh... have FUN


How to join:

1. ask

2. wait tell you get a message from me.

3. your on it!

WHAT TO DO???????:

1. make lots and lots of Free Rider 2 (Fr2) tracks.

2. on number 1 please give those to this profile NOT Midget2's.

3. ocasinally there will be cotests to see who rocks and who sucks (no ofence, oh and everybody will get points for it if they protisipate [even if in last place]), if giving me a track for a contest please tell me that it is for a contest.

4. somtimes my messages will be off (if so just go to the other one)

5. if any questions ask Midget2 (not on this profile please)

6. if your giving me a map PLEASE write what vehicles it's for and wiether or not it's a movie map or not.

0-10 points=slave

11-50=rabbit (lol at least your a good source of food)

51-63=happy jolly yummy gummy bear

64-100=good farmer

101-111=slave catcher


201-306=hunter's servent

307-390=hunter's "helper"

391-499=hunter's assistant

500-699=hunter's aprentice

700-1,000=THE HUNTER

1,001-1,499=unweaven darkener

1,500-2,000=HARRY POTTER!!!

2,001-3644=the master of little people. YAY!

3645-4,000=the master of... um!

4,001-5,000=super master

5,001-6,111=master of masters

6,112-10,000=??? (a big giant blob thing)

10,001-100,000=onward personater

100,001-200,000=super good crazy person. i solute you.

200,001-unknown=1 last thing your way to good and you should stick yourself into a dark "scary" corner because you are like a super master person and have enough points to make the world go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!
so yea go do something IMPORTANT, i mean it's almost imposable to even get 5,000 points, serisouly, your going to find your self reading this crazy ranking OVER AND OVER AGAIN, so yea, this doesn't make sense in fact NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,, and your just crazy!!!,,,, by the way i don't write you guys' your rakings only copy these rankings, which most clubs do, i think i'v been puting to much thought into this ranking so BAD BYE!

point system:

give me a suggestion... that i use=10 points

MAKE a map that makes you die=2-6

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 1 vehicle)=5-10

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 2 vehicles)=6-11

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 3 vehicles)=7-12

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 4 vehicles)=8-13

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 5 vehicles)=9-14

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for 6 vehicles)=10-15

Make an auto (movie) map (that works for all 7 vehicles)=20-25

make a normal map (that works for 1 vehicle)=5-10

make a normal map (that works for 2 vehicles)=7-12

make a normal map (that works for 3 vehicles)=8-13

make a normal map (that works for 4 vehicles)=9-14

make a normal map (that works for 5 vehicles)=10-15

make a normal map (that works for 6 vehicles)=12-17

make a normal map (that works for all 7 vehicles)=22-30

this is sort of random but if you figure this secret code thing out you get 1,000 points:

oar[oyk otuy[swkoertuiw49itvmap[4i

by the way i'm not in this club

People's rankings so far:

theone99=good farmer-95 points: joined 9/21/2008-9/22/2008

shanester=happy jolly yummy gummy bear-52 points: joined 10/5/2008

imthebest=rabbit-30 points: joined 10/5/2008

yz125=good farmer-130 points: joined 10/27/2008

MigetMan13=slave-0 points: joined 11/6/2008

masterofallgame=slave-0 points: joined 11/25/2008

dinoman979=good farmer-78 points: joined 11/28/2008

Levelmaker3=rabbit-23 points: joined 12/2/2008

rebelsoccerplayer=slave-0 points: joined 12/11/2008

Xrunner=slave-0 points: joined 3/21/2009
OLD Contest:

-ends March 5 (3/5/2009)

-5th contest

info-make an auto for a baloon

1. 75 points
2. 70 points
3. 60 points
4. 55 points
5. 40 points
6. 25 points
7. 15 points





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