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Hello, and welcome to my profile! :)

About: I'm mikacinikac and I like mini-games!
I have account on Armor games for 3 years! :'D
I like HTML codes and Javascripts and I have my own site and blog...
Shine bright like a diamond
I'm 249. on Hero board!
~Mikacinikac's arts!~
My blog!
My favourite games
The Faces of Armor Games/Users - Official Photo Thread
Great site for learning codes - Codeacademy
Like: Games, cats, AG, quests, physics, math, competitions, history, Android OS, leopards, smartphones, tablet PC, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squads, fruit...
Dislike: Spammers, TB, iOS, New commenting system...

My best friends on AG: @devansh_asthana @Blackbeltr0 @themastaplaya @thomas5 @GandalftheGrey666 @adrenaline6 @inSane6
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Ask me what you want, and if you want to be friend with me just post on my profile and I'll add you!
My history on the site:
14.1.2012. - New here
21.9.2012. - AP system removed from the site
22.9.2012. - Quests added on the site
27.1.2014. - Profile redesign
28.1.2014. - 1000 comments
28.1.2014. - 300 quests
30.1.2014. - 300 forum posts
14.2.2014. - Happy valentines day!
14.3.2014. - New commenting system
4.4.2014. - Likes counter
26.6.2014. - Finaly, new armatar, LEOPARD is changed

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