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The most fluffy ball of hair you will ever see. Dont ask why just believe its true. dont get to closer i can bite , just look my teeth. align=center><a target=_blank href=http://www.nodiatis.com/personality.htm><img border=0 src=http://www.nodiatis.com/pub/13.jpg></a></p> style="width:auto; word-wrap:break-word;"><span style="font-size:13px; font-weight:bold;"> style="width:auto; word-wrap:break-word;"><span style="font-size:13px; font-weight:bold;"> I scored <span style="color:red; font-weight:bold;"> 83.5% </span> on the<br /> <a style="color:white; background:black; padding-left:5px; padding-right:5px; padding-bottom:3px; padding-top:3px; margin-bottom:5px;" href="http://zomboid.com/zombie/" target="_blank"> Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz!</a><br> <span style="font-style:italic;">"Well done! Your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse are better than average! Don't get too cocky, though. Remember, the undead never sleep..."</span></span><br /> <a style="font-size:13px; color:red; font-weight:bold;" href="http://zomboid.com/zombie/" target="_blank">Click here to get your score!</a> </p>

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