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(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help
(")_(") him gain world domination!

__________*/. )_______
_________*/� |________
________*/� \________
_______*(�_ )________
___\###/ |**|//&&/_____
____\ ######## ///____
ok im a noob so what?
what you gonna do virtually kick my butt?
ahaha just kidding
but i truly dont care cause i just joined and dont play much at all....

also for my and your sake if you dont know already:
Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP

Wood Squire: 225 AP (me)
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP

Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP

Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP

Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP

Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP

Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP (click on this to see an awesome free rider 2 track!!! its awesome)

-18 1i 18 1i,-m r -l 1j,7f 14l 7i 15g 7m 16f 7s 17g 8b 18l 99 19v ae 1b8 bo 1cf d5 1dj ek 1el g3 1fo hu 1gk jp 1hg lo 1i7 np 1iq pq 1jd rr 1jt tr 1k6 vr 1ke 11r 1km,19b 1mg 198 1n7 18g 1ml,1fh 369 1fk 36v 1fk 37m 1fi 38k 1f4 39i 1ea 3ac 1dd 3at 1cc 3b7 1b2 3bb 19l 3be 182 3bd 16n 3b5 15n 3an,8j 5eo 8m 5fb 80 5fb,21 70o 2b 71j 2n 72e 32 738 3m 744 4l 74s 5n 75i 6p 766 7s 76q 92 779 a6 77k be 77r cr 77t e5 77t fi 77s h0 77o id 77k ju 77h ll 77d nc 77a p5 776 qu 773 sp 770 un 76u 10m 76s 12k 76q 14j 76p 16i 76n 18h 76m 1ag 76l 1cf 76k 1ee 76i 1gd 76h 1ic 76g 1kb 76g 1mb 76f 1oa 76e 1q9 76d 1s8 76c 1u7 76c 206 76b 226 76a 243 768 25v 766 27r 765 29l 764 2bd 764 2d5 765 2et 765 2gl 765 2ie 766,2ie 766 2k7 766 2m0 766 2nq 766,2nn 767 2ot 76j 2q6 77c 2r7 78d 2se 79l 2tq 7b5 2us 7cg 2vu 7e0 311 7fj 32c 7h8 33q 7is 35a 7kb 36q 7lo 38a 7n0 39r 7o3 3bc 7p5 3ct 7q6 3ee 7r7 3fv 7s7 3hf 7t8 3j0 7u9 3kg 7v9 3m0 809 3nh 81a 3p1 822 3qu 82r 3ss 83o 3us 84e 40t 851 42t 85m 44t 86c 46t 872 48t 87b 4aq 87a 4co 876 4en 86h 4g7 85r 4hn 84v 4j7 83v 4kn 830 4m6 823,5t0 85j 5td 86c 5u4 87j 5v2 893 5vr 8ah 60k 8c1 61d 8dj 62f 8f8 641 8gf 65h 8hn 671 8j0 68i 8k6 6a4 8la 6bl 8mf 6d6 8nk 6en 8op 6g8 8pu 6hp 8r4 6j9 8s7 6kp 8t2 6m9 8tu 6np 8uo 6p8 8vg 6qo 907 6s8 90u 6tn 91l 6v7 92a 716 931 735 93k 753 941 76t 944 78i 93t 79t 93i 7b4 92u 7c4 922 7d7 912 7ed 900 7fe 8v3 7gf 8u3,5su 85i 5rs 86o 5qi 889 5p4 89e 5nm 8ag 5m5 8bg 5ki 8cg 5iv 8dg 5h9 8ef 5fj 8fe 5du 8ge 5c8 8hc 5ak 8ia 58v 8j8 57b 8k5 55n 8l2 544 8m0 52h 8mu 50u 8ns 4vd 8of 4td 8p6 4rj 8ph 4q8 8pc 4ot 8p1 4nt 8od 4n6 8ng 4mo 8m6 4mh 8kr 4mc 8ja 4m4 8hf 4lp 8f8 4lg 8de 4la 8bm 4l7 89v 4l7 881 4l9 86m 4lf 85i 4ln 84f 4lv 838 4m6 829,7g6 8u9 7ha 8tc 7ih 8sf 7k9 8rm 7m8 8rc 7oj 8re 7qs 8rm 7t3 8rt 7v7 8s5 819 8sd 837 8t8 850 8ug 86l 8vo 889 912 89t 92m 8bg 94g 8d3 96f 8em 98e 8g8 9ab 8hq 9c6 8ja 9du 8kr 9fc 8ma 9gp 8np 9i6 8p9 9jg 8qp 9kn 8sa 9ls 8tq 9mu 8v8 9nu 90m 9op 92l 9pl 94j 9qa 96h 9qm 98g 9qk 9ah 9qb 9cj 9pt 9e5 9pe 9fn 9p0 9hp 9og 9jq 9ns 9le 9mi 9n8 9l8 9oh 9k1 9pm 9ih 9qq 9gu 9ru 9fd 9t4 9ds 9ub 9cc 9vi 9at a0q 99f a24 980,a24 980 a3f 96i a4s 954 a68 93n a7k 92b a90 910 aac 8vm abo 8uc ad4 8t3 aef 8rq aft 8qm ahf 8pn aj0 8oo akh 8np am2 8mq ani 8lr ap3 8l3 ar7 8km ata 8k8 avb 8jv b1a 8ju b39 8jr b56 8jn b6v 8jq b8n 8ju bag 8k0 bc8 8jv be0 8jg bfo 8ir bhf 8hu bj7 8h1 bkr 8fq bm7 8ef bnk 8d5 bp2 8bs bqg 8ak brt 89a bt2 87p bu9 867 bvi 84g c0g 833 c1e 81l c2d 809 c3b 7uu c4b 7tc c5a 7rq c6a 7q3 c7a 7oe c88 7mp c95 7l5 ca3 7jh,ca3 7jh cau 7i0 cbo 7gg cci 7f0 cdc 7de ce5 7bs cet 7aa cfk 78m cgc 774 ch4 75h cht 73v cim 72d cjf 70s ck9 6va cl3 6tp clt 6s8 cmn 6qn cnf 6p6 co2 6nm com 6m5 cpa 6kl cpv 6j4 cqm 6h6 crd 6fa cs3 6df csr 6bj ctj 69o cu9 67s cus 662 cvb 648 cvj 62d cvt 60h d07 5ul d0h 5sq d0r 5qu d18 5ou d1r 5ms d2g 5lb d3a 5jq d4c 5if d5l 5h6 d74 5g1 d8q 5f2 dah 5e4 dc9 5de de2 5ct dft 5cp dhn 5cs djf 5cu dla 5d1 dn4 5d4,dn4 5d4 dot 5d6 dql 5d6 dsb 5d5 du1 5d4 dvm 5d1 e1a 5cu e3e 5co e5h 5ch e7j 5c9 e9k 5c1 ebl 5bo edm 5be efl 5b3 ehl 5ap,ehq 5ah ehr 5ce ehp 5ec ehm 5g6 ehl 5ht ehk 5jq ehm 5ll ehq 5nf ei0 5p8 ei8 5qv eii 5sm eis 5uc ej8 601 ejl 61m ek3 63a eki 64u el1 66h eli 684 em2 69m emk 6b8 en5 6cq enn 6eb eoa 6ft eos 6he epf 6iv eq3 6kg eqo 6m0 erh 6nf esa 6ou et4 6qc etu 6rq eun 6t8 evg 6un f09 705 f14 71j f1v 731 f2u 74f f3v 75s f53 777 f68 78f f7d 79n f8m 7as fa2 7bt fbj 7cq fd5 7dj fep 7ec fgd 7f2 fi1 7fo fjo 7g8 fll 7gf fnh 7go,fnh 7go fpc 7h0 fr5 7h9 fst 7hi fuk 7hf g09 7h7 g1v 7gs g3k 7gi g58 7ga g6r 7fg g8c 7ef g9r 7dd gb5 7c0 gc8 7ae gd1 78o gdr 774 gdn 74q gcq 732 gbo 71i ga9 707 g8f 6v7 g6a 6ur g46 6uq g22 6v3 g04 6vk fuf 70c ft1 714 frg 728 fqk 73h fq0 74n fpk 75q fpg 76u fpg 77v fpk 790 fq6 79p fqr 7ag#fqq 7an fvm 7h6,g27 71d g21 76f,g7k 71j g7v 76m,g4i 78g g5n 78n g5n 79e g4p 79b g4i 78j,g0e 7b1 g1q 7ch g4l 7ck g85 7cr g9s 7a3#

a bad half auto half manual fr2 track tell me how it is? thanks...

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