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Yeah i love video games! I have been a good gamer since I was 8 years old.I smoke the competition out of the race! I play Ps2 a lot its old school but its fun! I love mountain dew and playing soccer pizza,ice cream are foods and hobbies. shooting games,Halo,war craft,Final fantasy,ghost recon is my thing.Video Games is life,Me and my friends Kick butt playing games! In my free time hang out with my friends. I like girls,soda,games,rock,heavy metal music.My goals for this year are to become a Moderator and get A's at school. Email me for game help.(cheat codes Hints websites help) I use yahoo more email me At (\__/) This is Bunny. Copy and paste (+'.'+) Bunny onto your page to help (")_(") him gain world domination!or Die. ==Fuzlee Team== -green dragon= first leaders -red dragons=second leaders -blue dragon=third leaders -fox\wolf\bear\lizard=knight -fuzlee\ bunny=peasant -no amatars=worker join us as a fuzlee or bunnie if you so do add me as a friend and let me know! This a gun made by ben3 . .._...|..___________________.. / `---___________----_____|] /_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ ), ---.(_(__) / // (..) ), ----" //____// //____// //____// (\\__/) (+'.'+) don't underestimate bunny. (")_(") Click on this its funny! Highest Rank-714 The Rank I want to get to-400 My myspace Facebook!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1674434326

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