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FR2 Track Club:
Seven Stages of Members:
7 = King Rider - Leader
6 = Champion - Co-Leader
5 = Free Rider - Oldie
4 = BMX Legend
3 = BMX Veteran
2 = BMX Novice
1 = Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
1) me44 - King Rider - Leader
2) jeffwak906 - Champion - Co-Leader
3) TOXIC - BMX Veteran
4) mps1123 - BMX Veteran
5) bobert - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
6) Deadmantale - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
7) Dreiyas - Stabilizer rider - Newbie
8) Carbon275 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
9) Chaze100 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
10) fst6 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
11) imthebestguitarist - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
12) evil_empire - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
13) pc123 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
14) Kingy - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
15) xeden - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
16) firetail_madness - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
17) plokkey - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
18) gman1000 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
19) skater_kid_who_pwns - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
20) Kevin44 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
21) ialwayswin - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
22) Danstanta - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
23) purpledinosaur - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
24) freaco - Stablizer Rider - Newbie
25) MoNKeY08 - Stabilizer Rider - Newbie
Be kind to people if they ask for help.
Have fun.
No spam.
Do NOT abuse the club.
One thing wrong and your out.
Contact me44 for more info!

also, just click/copy into ur adress bar for me, takes 2 secs, i think...


easy map

-18 1i 18 1i 24o 1s 25j 1s 26g 1s,26a 1s 279 1s 28c 1s 29h 1q 2an 1k 2br 1b 2d0 s 2e4 7 2f1 -h 2fq -1e 2gf -2j 2h1 -3s 2he -58 2hn -6m 2hq -87 2hn -9n 2hb -b6 2gl -ci 2ft -dk 2eu -ek 2dq -fh 2ci -ga 2b9 -h5,1kq -9m -3o -ak,-2q -ak -3t -ak -53 -ak -6c -al -7m -ao -90 -b2 -ad -bi -bo -c4 -d5 -cp -ef -dj -fo -eg -gv -ff -i5 -gg -ja -hj -ke -ip -li -k0,-14i -se -1ti -se,-294 -pa -21a -hq -1i0 -i4,-11e -g8 -1c2 -9c,-1s0 -5k -1be k,-tm 2q -1f6 aa,-u 1i -23 1n -3g 1t -53 28 -6f 2i -7p 2r -96 36 -am 3m -c5 47 -di 4o -f6 5e -h1 69 -iv 73 -kt 7r -mr 8j -oq 99 -qn a0 -s5 ar -th bm -ul cd -vo d7 -10m e1 -11r f4 -12u g5 -143 h8 -15b ic -16k jh -180 kn -19c ls -1ap n1 -1c9 ns -1dq of -1fb ot -1gu p7 -1ii pb -1k9 pb -1m0 pa,-1le pa -454 pa,-44g pa -45h p7 -46j or -47m o9 -48k ni -49h mk -4a9 li -4as kf -4bc ja -4bt i2 -4ci gj,-4ma 84 -56s j2 -5fk j2 -5u0 5k -7nq 5k -7on 5g -7pt 59 -7r3 4t -7sc 4c -7tl 3p -7uu 32 -80b 25 -81k 1b -830 e -84d -h -85s -1i -87c -2l -88s -3r -8ac -53 -8bq -6d -8d8 -7p -8el -98 -8fv -aq -8ha -cc -8ik -e0 -8jt -fl -8l4 -hb -8m7 -j4 -8n6 -ku -8o2 -mr -8or -oo -8pi -ql -8q5 -sk -8ql -uh -8r3 -10f -8rd -12c,-4ma 84 -4jq 84,-8rd -12c -8rk -149 -8rn -165 -8rm -182 -8rg -19t -8r3 -1bn -8qg -1dg -8pn -1f5 -8op -1gm -8nk -1i6 -8m7 -1jk -8kl -1l3 -8jc -1m6 -8hv -1n6 -8gd -1o5 -8eo -1p1 -8d2 -1pt -8b9 -1qn -89e -1rf -87j -1s7,-882 -1s0 -877 -1sb -862 -1so -84r -1t0 -83e -1t7 -81v -1tc -80a -1tg,-76u -1dk -6os -1dk,-6p6 -1dk -576 -1dk,-57g -1dk -56c -1dj -558 -1dh -53u -1dg -52g -1dg -512 -1dm -4vl -1dv -4ub -1ec -4t5 -1eu -4s6 -1fk -4rb -1ge -4qb -1he,-4qc -1hc -4po -1hv -4p8 -1im -4os -1jh,-496 -27i -3s2 -27i,-496 -21a -3sc -21a -3r9 -21c -3q1 -21g -3oi -21o -3n1 -223 -3ll -22j,-3lq -22i -3l0 -22r -3k5 -23b -3jg -245 -3ir -257 -3id -266 -3i7 -27e -3ic -28m -3is -29r -3jl -2bb -3ki -2cm -3lo -2e0 -3n3 -2fb -3oi -2gk -3q3 -2hr -3rm -2is -3tb -2jp#-a -2q ec -2g au -18,ec -2g ak -42#T -48i -28g,B -5gs -1ei 2q,B -5gi -1g4 2q,B -8p8 -1a6 10,B -8pi -uu b5,B -8ki -l8 an,B -8e0 -aa a6,B -85s -2g 9n,B -7r8 2g 9h,B 210 u 2q

harder map

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h 1pm 1b,1pg 1c 1qc 1b 1rl 1a 1sr 16 1u4 v 1v9 l 20d 7 21d -b 22c -13 23g -23 24c -33 258 -46 263 -5b 26s -6k 27i -7v 285 -9b 28n -ap 293 -c4 29b -dg,2d8 -pi 2ed -pj 2fo -pk 2h5 -pl 2ig -pl 2jo -pm 2ks -pm,2ke -pm 2li -pl 2mo -pm 2o8 -pn 2ph -pq 2qr -pv 2s5 -q7 2ti -qk 2v2 -r4 30h -rs 31s -sn 333 -tl 33v -ul 34p -vn,3gk -vo 3i8 -vq 3jj -vr,3j1 -vo 3js -vo 3kr -vp 3lu -vn 3n9 -vd 3ol -uq 3q4 -u1 3rf -t6 3ss -s7 3ua -r5 3vq -q1 41a -os 42r -nm 44d -me 45v -l6 47h -ju 494 -il 4an -hb 4ca -g1 4du -en 4fi -dd 4ha -c7 4j2 -b9 4kp -am 4md -ag 4nn -am 4ov -b1 4pv -bb 4qt -bm 4rn -c6 4s5 -d0,56e -hu 57k -i3 592 -i7 5ae -ia 5bt -ic 5da -ie 5eo -ih 5g9 -ik 5hr -ip,5hl -ip 5it -iq 5k5 -ir 5lk -ir 5n1 -is 5ok -iu 5qa -j0 5s1 -j2 5tp -j3 5vf -iu 616 -im 62t -id 64l -i2 66e -hm 687 -hb 6a1 -h0 6br -gm 6dm -gk 6fh -gr 6hc -h8 6j3 -hu 6km -ir 6m6 -jt 6nj -l3 6or -md 6po -ns 6q7 -pd 6q7 -qp 6pg -s7 6oj -t7 6nc -u2 6ls -uv 6k9 -vp 6in -109 6h9 -10e 6fv -10f,54o -10r 53h -10f 526 -108 50p -104 4v3 -102 4td -100 4rp -vv 4pv -vt 4o0 -vr 4m2 -vo 4k3 -vj 4i4 -ve 4g5 -v9 4e6 -v2 4c7 -uv 4a9 -v4 48b -vc 46d -vk 44g -100 42k -10f 40r -111 3v4 -11k 3td -128 3rm -12t 3q0 -13l 3oa -14c 3mk -154 3kt -15s 3j3 -16i 3h9 -178 3fc -17u,3h6 -16o 3gd -17f 3fs -18d,3ff -17s 3e7 -186 3ci -18f 3av -18n 398 -18t 37f -192 35m -194 33t -192 326 -18v 30g -18s 2ut -18q 2t5 -18q 2r9 -18s 2p9 -18v 2n9 -191,2nh -191 2m6 -199 2kk -19l 2j0 -1a5 2h9 -1at 2fg -1bu 2e4 -1ct,2e4 -1ct 2cq -1e0 2bk -1f6 2ag -1ge 29h -1ho 28g -1ji 27q -1le 27k -1nb 27r -1p4 28f -1qi 29b -1rl 2ae -1sf 2bp -1sv 2d4 -1t7 2ej -1t8 2gd -1t7,2el -1l1 2g3 -1kr 2hn -1ko 2j9 -1kp 2l1 -1ku 2mp -1lc 2of -1m2 2q5 -1n3 2rl -1oe 2st -1q0 2tu -1rl 2ui -1tg 2uk -1vf 2u0 -21e 2sr -236 2ro -24d 2qh -25h 2p7 -26j 2nr -27g 2m1 -28d 2kd -28p 2iu -28q 2hj -28m,2d0 -1t8 1mk -1tm,1b2 -1um 1am -je,1na -dp qq -du,r7 -du i0 -i0,gv -c2 6 -j8,-23 -as -id -ht,-i8 -ht -ja -i5 -ke -i8 -ll -i5 -mq -ht -nr -h4 -og -g1 -p0 -ef,-p0 -ef -pa -d0 -ph -bd -pl -9p -pn -87 -pp -6m -pq -57 -pr -3q -pt -27 -q1 -j -q6 13 -qc 2s -qf 4m -qi 6i,-q 1m -1r 1m -36 21 -4e 2k -5q 3g -76 4m -8g 65 -9o 7o -ap 94 -br aj -d0 c2 -e9 df -fk eo,-fk eo -h1 fu -ie gv -jt hr -lc ii -nc ja -p9 jq -qv k4 -se k6 -tn k3 -v6 jr -10o jh -125 j8 -13m iv -158 in -16t ie -18j i2 -1ab hh -1c3 gr,-1br gr -1cs gd -1e3 fs -1fh f5 -1gn ed -1i3 dh -1jh ch -1kv be -1mb a8 -1nn 92 -1p4 7s -1qi 6k -1s1 5a -1th 3v -1v1 2j -20i 16 -223 -7 -23l -1j,-2b7 31 -2bq 21 -2cn 14 -2dn a -2eq -c -2g6 -v -2hj -1b -2j5 -1k -2kh -1r -2m1 -21 -2ni -24 -2p5 -27 -2qo -29 -2se -2c -2u5 -2h -2vu -2m -31n -2r -33g -30 -35a -34,-35a -34 -374 -39,-374 -39 -38v -3e -3ap -3j -3ck -3o -3ef -3t -3ga -42,-3fr -45 -3gv -48 -3ib -4e -3jq -4j -3lh -4r -3nd -55 -3pa -5g -3r7 -5r -3t5 -66 -3v4 -6h -412 -6s -431 -77 -450 -7i -46v -7t -48u -8h -4ab -9n -4bl -au -4cq -c7 -4dr -di -4em -ev -4fi -gt -4g5 -it -4ga -kv -4g3 -n0 -4fe -ov -4ea -qm -4d1 -s2 -4bh -t0 -49s -th -487 -tn,-483 -jp -46v -jn -45l -jj -440 -jf -42i -jc -413 -jc -3vj -jd -3u0 -ji -3se -ju -3qt -kj -3pe -lk -3o3 -n1 -3mu -on -3m0 -qj -3lo -sk -3m1 -up -3mi -10f -3n3 -125 -3nv -13p -3p6 -157 -3qg -16f -3rs -17d -3tm -182,-48i -tn -47g -tn -465 -to -44q -to -43c -to -41v -to,-3sr -17p -3ts -182 -3v8 -18a -40o -18g -423 -18e,-4a6 -tf -4bk -th -4d8 -th -4er -ti -4gd -tk -4i3 -tn -4k4 -tq -4m7 -ts -4o9 -ts -4qb -tr -4sd -to -4uf -tj,-4u3 -tm -4vf -u8 -50q -uu -522 -vr -537 -10t -54a -126 -55d -13k -56e -156 -57c -16p -582 -18f -58e -1a7 -58e -1c0 -581 -1dp -575 -1fb -55l -1gh -53l -1hd -51u -1i0 -505 -1ic -4uc -1ij,-4sp -1a6 -4ri -1a3 -4pu -1a1 -4oa -1a0 -4mf -1a0 -4kg -1a3 -4ie -1ab -4gc -1an -4ef -1b6 -4ck -1br -4ap -1co -490 -1dp -477 -1et -45d -1g2 -43i -1h7 -424 -1i1 -40k -1iq -3v3 -1ji -3ti -1k8 -3s1 -1kp -3q3 -1l4 -3o8 -1la -3md -1lh -3kj -1ln,-42e -tp -41g -to -40c -tm -3vc -tn -3ue -tn -3tb -to -3sd -tp,6bn -qh 53a -111,354 -fu 37h -fq,363 -fs 3sf -hd,375 -gh 38l -nl 396 -hn,399 -hu 38v -ob 3at -h5 3bf -kt,3bc -o9 3bf -ol,3bc -nl 3b7 -fr,3b7 -hf 3ba -pm,3bh -pr 3e1 -gr,3e1 -h5 3dn -qc 3gf -gr,3gf -h5 3g5 -qm 3iv -h0,3j4 -hd 3k2 -qm,3k4 -qp 3ot -hs,3ov -iq 3p9 -qu,3pc -qu 3s3 -g7,248 -rp 24p -sn,258 -tb 25q -uh,26o -va 27o -105,240 -mk 23u -mf,23c -kc 23a -jj,22m -gr 22h -f4,214 -d1 20i -ck,1vk -ck 1v5 -dn,1vi -gk 211 -il,21v -ke 22r -lu,22o -ng 230 -p4#1br -26g 1bj -1vu 1a6 -23c,1bl -204 1d8 -241,p8 -gj ve -lr,vb -lt v1 -fo,us -fv qj -lr 12f -ji,120 -jg od -gh,2ln -1sg 2pk -216 2p8 -1se,2or -1so 2lv -20n,2lv -20i 2sh -1vd,2ql -1ur 2ja -1rl,-4hm -la -47r -17c,-47r -17c -43m -km,-43m -km -4kg -11o -3uh -11j -4ja -jo#T -3m2 -1mg,B 2tj -20a a3,B 2s6 -1qa h,B 2kj -1mp 20

my first auto

7 hb 1a hc,6 gp 6 hb,9o lc 9p m6 8n m4,dj o5 dh p6 ca p4,6c 1lm 6c 1m6 6v 1m6 73 1m1,ao 1rm ao 1so 9d 1se,72 27s 6e 28o 4t 28l,-1g 2nq -1g 2o3 -t 2o3 -t 2nq,-62 2rd -2v 2ro,-2v 2rp -2k 2rk,-l1 4cv -lo 4df,-lo 4de -l1 4e1,-l2 4dv -kh 4dj,60 62t 5m 62d,5v 62t 6n 62i 6e 621,-o 6d6 -n 6ch,-n 6d5 -2 6d5,-2 6d4 -1 6cr,-j 6hs -8 6j3 r 6i9,17 6lr 17 6mh 1u 6mh,26 6s9 26 6t0 35 6t0 35 6s7##S 4p 6n5,S 33 6mu,S 1v 6lb,S 3l 6km,S 2s 6j3,B -1p 2um 8a

my second auto

-16 hr -16 ib -n ib,-m ib -g i2,3c np 3d o6 3q o6 3r np,-55 13t -4t 15c -3e 15f,-46 1ch -45 1dc,-46 1dc -37 1dd,8 1km 8 1lr -t 1lp,-45 1qr -2v 1rq,6m 2ah 66 2aq,1c 2lq 2h 2lq,2f 2lq 2h 2kn,-5j 2ut -5k 2vt -4k 2vu,-5k 33j -5l 34o -49 34o,-1s 3e3 -1u 3fd -38 3ff,-cu 3um -cu 3vc -c8 3vc,-ag 4ib -ag 4j5 -bb 4j5,-iu 4jg -jf 4ir,-dd 4su -de 4tq -e8 4tp,-f6 567 -e6 569,-f7 566 -f6 55l,-l9 5fb -l9 5g8 -ki 5g8,-kh 5g8 -kb 5g8 -kc 5fd,-e6 5ht -e6 5in -f1 5in,-hm 5sr -ea 5ud,-7i 69l -6g 695,-6g 693 -6v 68f,-7i 69l -7o 69d,-7j 69k -84 68v##T -d7 68m,B -90 69i 2,B -7h 6ap 9k,B -62 69h 7h,O -99 4tq,O -kh 55r,O -mo 577,O -oo 58a,O -rh 5an,O -si 5d7,B -lv 5d2 i,B -mm 5g6 c,B -jq 5gg 7j,B -f4 56t 8r,B -cv 57a 8d,S -be 4g5


h 5n 18 5n,g 5n g 56,4q 7j 4r 8e 47 8e,-n fl 5 g2,13 136 14 12k,13 136 1o 135 1p 12l,6i 12q 6j 13l 60 13l,70 17f 73 188 60 188,3d 279 4s 27b,80 2jb 81 2kd 71 2kd,4s 2mc 4s 2nu,51 2nu 64 2ns,83 2sc 81 2to,81 2to 70 2tm,66 385 5j 385 5k 37j,8a 3bf 8m 3bq 94 3bf 8p 3b4,4n 3dn 5e 3e9,5f 3lh 5e 3m4 69 3m4 69 3lg,aj 3nt ai 3oi 9s 3oi,94 44g 92 45a 9u 45a,b8 49t b8 4ap a3 4ap,1t 4ht 1t 4it 32 4it,45 4o9 4q 4op 5b 4o7 4q 4nn##T 44 4lh

A bad Auto...

-18 gi -a gi 0 g8,-9c m6 -9c n4 -8o n4,-34 se -42 se,-34 se -34 s4,-6s ua -6i uk,-42 12c -42 130 -4c 13a -50 13a,-8e 1cc -7q 1cc -7g 1c2,-8e 1cc -8e 1c2,-6i 1hc -7q 1i0,-de 1mm -de 1na -d4 1nk,-b8 22i -ak 22i,-cq 2lu -cg 2lu,-92 3p8 -9m 3p8,-b8 4m0 -bs 4m0,-3e 57g -3e 584 -42 584 -42 57q,-8o 5qs -8o 5q8,-8o 5qs -84 5qs -84 5q8,-42 5se -42 5tc -4m 5tc,-8e 63a -8e 63u -7q 63u,-bc dav -8p dav,-fe df7 -op dvr##T -a3 d9b

A slightly better, shorter auto

-18 1a6 -18 1aq -a 1aq -a 1a6,5a 1du 5a 1f6 4c 1f6,26 1lo 34 1lo,4m 1qo 4m 1rc 3e 1r2,1s 278 1s 286 2q 286,4m 2rs 4m 2t4 3o 2t4 3o 2sq,-u 34u -u 35s,-1i 34u -a 34u,5u 496 5u 4a4 50 4a4 4c 49q,50 4a4 5u 49q##T 4m 47a

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