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My maps for free rider 2:

Map 1:
Map 1 is a fun map.
vehicle: ???
-18 1i 18 1i 1s u,5k u 5k 18 5u 18 5u u,-18 -a 18 -a 1s a 5k a 5k 0 5u 0 5u a,-18 -a -18 1i,-2q 26 -2q -18 4c -18 4c a,4c u 4c 2g -2q 2g -2q 1s,4c 2g 4c 2q,-2q 2g -2q 2q,4c 1s 4m 1s 4m 2q -34 2q -34 1s -2q 1s,-2q -k -34 -k -34 -1i,4c -k 4m -k 4m -1i -34 -1i,-2q -1i -2q -18,-26 -1i -26 -18,-2g -1i -2g -18,-1s -1i -1s -18,-18 -1i -18 -18,-1i -1i -1i -18,-k -1i -k -18,-u -1i -u -18,-a -1i -a -18,0 -1i 0 -18,a -1i a -18,u -1i u -18,18 -1i 18 -18,1s -1i 1s -18,1i -1i 1i -18,k -1i k -18,26 -1i 26 -18,4c -1i 4c -18,42 -1i 42 -18,3o -1i 3o -18,34 -1i 34 -18,3e -1i 34 -1i,2g -1i 2g -18,2q -1i 2q -18,3e -1i 3e -18,42 2g 42 2q,3o 2g 3o 2q,3e 2g 3e 2q,2q 2g 2q 2q,34 2g 34 2q,2g 2g 2g 2q,1s 2g 1s 2q,26 2g 26 2q,18 2g 18 2q,u 2g u 2q,1i 2g 1i 2q,k 2g k 2q,a 2g a 2q,0 2g 0 2q,-a 2g -a 2q,-u 2g -u 2q,-k 2g -k 2q,-18 2g -18 2q,-1i 2g -1i 2q,-1s 2g -1s 2q,-26 2g -26 2q,-2g 2g -2g 2q,42u 26 438 26,42k 1i 42u 1i,42k 18 42u 18,42k u 42u u,42k k 42u k,42k a 42u a,42k 0 42u 0,42k -a 42u -a,42k -k 42u -k,42k -u 42u -u,42u -18 42u 1s 42k 1s,44q -18 44q 1s 42u 1s,454 26 454 -a 44q -a,454 -18 454 0 44q 0,454 -18 454 -1i 44g -1i 44g -18,454 -18 44q -18 446 -18,454 -u 44q -u,454 -k 44q -k,454 a 44q a,454 k 44q k,454 u 44q u,454 18 44q 18,454 1i 44q 1i,454 1s 44q 1s,446 -a 44g 0 44g u 43i u 438 u 438 0 43i -a 43i -26 446 -26 446 -a 43i -a,44g -26 44g -2g 438 -2g 438 -26 43i -26,44g -26 446 -26,42u -18 43i -18,454 26 44g 26 44g 1s,438 1s 438 26,42u 26 42k 26,438 -18 438 -1i 42k -1i 42k 26,42u -18 42k -18,-3o 3e -3o 4m,-3o 42 -3e 42 -3e 4m -3o 4m,-34 42 -34 4m -2q 4m -34 5a,-2q 42 -2q 4m,-1s 4m -1s 3e -1i 4m -18 3e -18 4m,-u 42 -u 4m -k 4m -k 42,-a 3e -a 4m 0 4m 0 4c,-a 3o 0 3o,a 4m k 4c k 4m,a 4c a 4m,a 4c a 42 k 42 k 4c,u 3e u 4m 18 4m 18 4c,u 3o 18 3o,1i 4c 1s 4c 1s 42 1i 42 1i 4m 1s 4m,2g 42 26 42 26 4m 2g 4m 2g 3e,2q 3e 2q 4m,2q 3e 34 3e,34 42 2q 42,3e 42 3e 4m,3e 3e 3e 3o,42 42 3o 42 3o 4c 42 4c 42 4m 3o 4m,4c 3e 4c 4m,4c 42 4m 42 4m 4m,5k u 1s u#1s a 1s u,5k a 5k u#B 6i k 2q,B 5u k 2q,B 34 k 2q,G 1i k 2q,B u k 2q,B -k k 2q,O 42i j

Map 2:
difficult: extreme hard
vehicle: BMX
-18 1i 18 1i,-18 k -18 -u,34 -u 34 3o,-a 50 -5u 50 -92 50 -92 3e -92 2q -92 1i -e2 1i -gs 1i -m6 1i,-92 2q -8o 50,-92 34 -8e 50,-84 50 -92 3e,-92 3o -7q 50,-7g 50 -92 42,-92 4c -76 50,-6s 50 -92 4m,-6i 1i -26 1i -26 0,-a 50 a 50,-li 2g -p0 2g -pk 1s,-s4 4c -mq 4c,-s4 4c -so 4c,-mq 68 -cg 68 -bs 6i -8o 9m -84 a0 1s a0 de a0,do a0 de a0,do a0 hq a0 hq 7g fa a0,hq 7g hq 5a hg a0,h6 a0 hq 5k,hq 5u gs a0,hq 68 gi a0,g8 a0 hq 6i,hq 6s fu a0,hq 76 fk a0,hq 7q f0 a0,hq 84 em a0,hq 8e ec a0,hq 8o e2 a0,do a0 hq 92,hq 9c de a0,d4 a0 hq 9m,no 4c 10g 4c 15q 4c 15q -2q,lh 3k vb 3k,15q 1s 15g 4c,15q 26 156 4c,15q 2g 14s 4c,15q 2q 14i 4c,148 4c 15q 34,15q 3e 13u 4c,13k 4c 15q 3o,15q 42 13a 4c,130 18 pk 18 m6 18 m6 -ak,-1i -68 -26 -68 -26 -2g -5a -2g -6i -2g -9c -5a -e2 -5a,au -ak 76 -6s 6s -6i 6i -68 -1i -68,au -ak bi -b8 m6 -b8 m6 -aa,ie 4c o2 4c,i4 4c ie 4c,-fu -5a -ie -5a -om -5a -pu -5a -pu -8e,-pu -76 -pa -5a,-pk -5a -pu -7g,-pu -6s -p0 -5a,-pu -6i -om -5a,-pu -68 -oc -5a,-pu -5u -o2 -5a,-pu -5k -no -5a,-mg -84 -ne -84,-g8 -84 -mg -84,-g8 -84 -fk -8e,-68 -hq -fk -8e,-68 -hq -34 -hq -2q -hq -2q -fu -2q -em -2q -d4 5k -d4 5k -k0 a -k0,-q8 -8e -q8 -e2 -q8 -f0 -hq -f0,-3e -k0 -5k -k0 -5u -ka -76 -li,-3e -k0 -2q -k0 -2q -jm -2g -jm -2g -k0 a -k0,-18 -18 -18 -26 -u -18 -k -26 -k -18,-a -1s -a -18 0 -18 0 -1s,a -2g a -18 k -18 k -1i,k -26 a -26 0 -26 -a -26,18 -1s u -1s u -18 18 -1i,18 -1s 18 -18,1i -2g 1i -18 1s -18 1s -1i,1i -26 1s -26,26 -1i 2g -1i 2g -1s 26 -1s 26 -18 2g -18,34 -1s 2q -1s 2q -18 34 -1i,34 -18 34 -26,34 -u -18 -u,a -2g a -42,1i -2g 1i -34,-18 -18 -18 -u,k -26 18 -26 2q -26#2g -a 2g k,2g 0 2q 0 2q k 2q 18,26 0 1s 0 1s a 26 a 26 k 1s k,1i 0 1i k 1i u,1i -k 1i -a,u -k u u u 3e,u -k 18 -k,u 0 18 0,2g -a 2g -3o#T -p0 1s,B oc a 11o,T -34 -3o,T -34 k,T 4m -e2,T -p0 -9m,B oc -3o mg,B oc -7g m5

Map 3:
Map 3 is an auto.
vehicle: BMX
-18 1i 18 1i 1i 1i 26 18 2q u 3e a 3o 0 42 -a c6 -g8 d4 -h6 do -hg ec -hq fu -hq gi -hg h6 -h6 hq -gi i4 -fu ie -fa ie -ec,42 -a 4c -u,ie 7q ie 84 io 8o j2 9c jc a0 kk b8 ku bi li bs m6 c6 mq cg,-18 u 18 u 2g a 3e -k bi -gi cq -hq de -i4 e2 -ie g8 -ie gs -i4 hg -hq ie -gs io -g8 j2 -fk j2 -e2 j2 -9c,3e -k 3o -18,j2 7q k0 9m l8 au n4 bs p0 bs pk bi q8 b8 qs au rq 9m s4 92 se 8e so 7q so 6s,pa cg pu c6 qi bs r6 bi se a0 so 9c tc 84 tc 6i tc -76 tm -76,pa cg mq cg,so -c6 so -cg t2 -d4 tc -do ua -em uu -f0 vi -fa 10q -fa 15g -fa 18u -fa,tc -c6 u0 -de uk -e2 vs -em 10g -em 15g -em,1cc -em 1kq -em,1cm -fa 1kq -fa 1l4 -fa 1l4 -em 1kq -em,1cc -em 1bo -ec 1b4 -e2 1ag -do 19s -d4 19i -cq 198 -c6 18u -bi 18k -au,1aq -em 1a6 -ec 19i -do 198 -de 18u -d4 18k -cg 18a -bs 180 -b8 180 -92,156 fk 148 fk 13k fa 130 f0 12c ec 122 e2 11e cq,so -76 so 6s,ie -76 ie 7q,j2 7q j2 -76,ie -76 i4 -76 gi -76 fa -6i em -5u 34 h6 26 i4 u io 0 io -k io -18 io -1i io,em -5u e2 -4m,34 h6 3e gi,ie -7q i4 -7q gs -7q g8 -7q fk -7g f0 -76 e2 -68 2q g8 2g gs 1s hg k i4 -k i4 -18 i4,e2 -68 do -5k de -50,2q g8 34 fk,ie -9c ie -em,tc -7q tm -7q,tc -9c tc -c6,so -c6 so -9c,kk -76 r6 -76,r6 -7q kk -7q,18a -em 15g -em,1cm -fa 1cc -fa,18k -8o 18k d4 18a do 180 ec 16o fk 164 fu 15g g8 148 g8 13u g8 13a fu 12m fk 11o em 11e ec 114 do 10q d4,18k -8o 18k -au,11e -5k 11e cq,11e -5k 114 -68 10q -6s 106 -7g vi -7q tm -7q,10q -5a 10q d4,10q -5a 10g -5u 106 -6i vs -6s v8 -76 tc -76,17m de 17c e2 16e f0 156 fk,17m de 180 cq 180 -92,3o fu 34 h6,-1i i4 -18 i4,-7q i4 -aa i4,-1i i4 -26 i4 -2g i4,-92 io -b8 io -ec io,-au i4 -aa i4,-au i4 -b8 i4 -ec i4 -ec io,-7q i4 -5k i4,-92 io -5u io -5a j2 -4m jc -42 jm -3o k0 -3e ka -2q ku -2g li -26 m6,-2q ku -1s mq,-2q ku ak 1fq c6 1hc cq 1hm de 1i0 e2 1ia fa 1ia ne 1ia ne 1kg ne 2rs no 2te o2 2uc oc 2v0 om 2vk pa 308 pk 30i pu 30s qi 316 r6 31g s4 31q,13u 1ia 172 1ia 17c 1ia 18u 1i0 1ag 1hm 1cc 1h2 1da 1go 1du 1ge 1f6 1fq 1fq 1fg 1i0 1da,-4c io -3o j2 -3e jc -2q k0 -26 kk -1i ls -18 mg,-26 kk b8 1fg c6 1ge cg 1go d4 1h2 do 1hc ec 1hm fk 1hm,13u 1hm 172 1hm 18k 1hc 1a6 1h2 1b4 1go 1c2 1ge 1d0 1g4 1dk 1fq 1e8 1fg 1es 1f6 1fg 1es,1j8 1aq 1ji 19s 1k6 180 1kg 16e 1kq 14s 1kq 12m 1kq 12c 1k6 v8 1js ua 1ji tc 1j8 se 1iu rq 1ik r6 1ia qi 1i0 pu 1ge oc 1fq no 1f6 ne 1ei n4 1du mq 1da mg 1cc m6 1be ls 1ag li 17c ku 14s ku 11o li 10q ls vs m6 uu mg ua mq tm n4 se no q8 pu pu qi pk r6 pa rq p0 se om tc oc ua o2 v8 no 10q ne 12c o2 v8,1kq 12c 1kg 10q,14s ku 13a l8,ne 12c ne 1f6 ne 1fg,1ik 1ag 1iu 19i 1j8 18k 1ji 17m 1k6 14i 1k6 130 1k6 12m 1ji vi 1ik so,1hc q8 1ik so,1hc q8 1fg oc 1es o2 1e8 no 1d0 n4 1b4 mg 1a6 m6 18k ls 172 li 156 li 122 m6 v8 n4 so oc se om s4 p0 rq pa rg pk qs q8 pk so p0 uk om vi oc 114 o2 12m o2 1f6,om vi o2 12m,18u l8 1ag li,1ik 1ag 1hc 1d0 1fg 1es,1j8 1aq 1i0 1da,o2 1fg o2 1f6,ne 1hm fk 1hm,148 1hm pu 1hm,pu 1ia 148 1ia,o2 1ia o2 1kg o2 2ri oc 2t4 om 2u2 p0 2um pa 2va pu 2vu q8 308 qs 30i rg 30s se 316 u0 31g,tm 324 s4 31q#ie -76 ie -9c,j2 -9c j2 -76,ie -7q kk -7q,kk -76 ie -76,rg -7q r6 -7q,rg -7q tc -7q,tc -76 r6 -76,so -76 so -9c,tc -9c tc -76,18u -fa 1cc -fa,1cc -em 18a -em,1aq -em 1c2 -fa,1es -fk 1es -gi 1f6 -gi 1f6 -g8 1es -g8,1fg -gi 1fg -fk,1fg -gi 1fq -gi 1fq -g8 1fg -g8 1fq -fk,1g4 -gi 1g4 -fk 1ge -fk,1g4 -gi 1ge -gi,1g4 -g8 1ge -g8,1h2 -gi 1go -gi 1go -g8 1h2 -g8 1h2 -fk 1go -fk 1go -fu,1hc -gi 1hm -gi,1hc -gi 1hc -g8 1hm -g8 1hm -fk 1hc -fk 1hc -fu,1ia -gi 1ik -gi 1ia -fk 1ik -fk,1hu -gj 1hu -gg,1i2 -gg 1i1 -gl,1io -gl 1in -gg,1iq -gk 1ip -gg,-2q i4 -2g i4,-2q i4 -5k i4 -50 ie -4c io,-5u io -1i io,-9m hq -9m gs -9c gs -9c h6 -9m h6,-92 gs -92 hq,-92 gs -8o gs -8o h6 -92 h6 -8o hq,-8e gs -8e hq -84 hq,-8e h6 -84 h6,-8e gs -84 gs,-7g gs -7q gs -7q h6 -7g h6 -7g hq -7q hq -7q hg,-6s gs -76 gs -76 h6 -6s h6 -6s hq -76 hq -76 hg,-68 gs -5u gs -68 hq -5u hq,-6g go -6h gu,-6e gp -6e gv,-5o go -5n gu,-5l go -5k gt,kk -5u ku -5u ku -68,li -68 li -5u l8 -5a,l8 -68 l8 -5u li -5u,kk -5u kk -6s,kk -6i ku -6i ku -68,l8 -68 l8 -6i,li -6i li -68,m6 -5u m6 -6s mg -5u mq -6s mq -5u,n4 -6i n4 -5u ne -5u ne -6i,no -6s no -5u o2 -5u o2 -68,o2 -6i no -6i,oc -6i oc -5u om -68,oc -6i om -6i om -5u,p0 -6s p0 -5u pa -5u pa -68,p0 -6i pa -6i,pk -5u pu -5u,pk -5u pk -6i pu -6i pu -68 pk -68,qi -6i q8 -6i q8 -5u qi -5u qi -6s,r6 -68 qs -68,m6 -5k m6 -4m,m6 -5k mg -5k,m6 -5a mg -5a,mq -5a mq -4m,ne -5a n4 -5a n4 -50 ne -50 ne -4m n4 -4m,no -5k no -4m,no -5a o2 -5a o2 -4m,mp -5l mp -5i,ne 1fg ne 1hm p0 1hm,o2 1fg o2 1hm o2 1ia,ne 1ia pa 1ia,pa 1hm p0 1hm,pa 1hm pu 1hm,pu 1ia p0 1ia,ne 1ia ne 1hm#B 1kg 13u 11o,B 1ji 18k n6,B 1c2 1go oo,B 16e 1i0 pa,B t2 68 358,B s4 9m 2qr,B 7g -7q 2qr,B 5k -42 2r2,B 3e 0 2rd,B 0 18 2sq,B io -e2 2kc,B t2 5a 2q0,B t2 -b8 2q0,B 10g -f0 2hi,B 114 c6 2q0,B 114 b8 2q0,B 114 -26 2q0,B uk -7g 2n6,B 0 ie 20m,B 11o 1i0 1r2,B jc 1i0 1r2,B 1l4 -f0 1a6,B -ec ie 14i,B 18k li k4

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