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Hey there! whats up??

I copied this from N00BKiller!

How To Put Images On Comments!

well 1 thing u have to no is u cant put images on ur ABOUT!

1st: Go to google images and search for anything u want!

2nd: Open the picture to full size, and copy the link!

3rd: Go to Armor Games, try on my profile and paste the link.

4th: when u pasted the link, put in front of the link with no space! and put behind the link with no space!

5th: Submit the comment and if done right, there should be the picture from the link!


Me and N00BKiller actually helped each other making these maps!
Our Free Rider 2 Maps!!

Background: Hills
Vehicle: Mountain Bike
Type: AUTO
8 bv i cr s dn 1c ej 22 fk 2q gm 3q hs 4o it 5o jv 6r l3 81 m8 98 nd ai ok,8 bv c be l av,dn q7 cg u5 9k 16h,9h 16h -22 204,-23 204 -2f 20r -2m 21o -34 22h -3u 23g -4q 24b -5t 257 -76 261 -8c 26k -9l 275 -b1 27j -cf 27u -dv 285,-mt 2bp -kl 293,-np 2d8 -n9 2di -ml 2dn -m1 2dn,-uo 2o6 -qc 2rk -pq 2s3 -p4 2so -ob 2tj -nb 2ue -m3 2v9 -ku 2vt -jm 30f -ia 30v -gs 31d -fb 31n -dp 31v -c4 323 -ae 322 -8n 31t -6u 31j -54 313 -3b 30f -1h 2vm 9 2up,2b 2ub 2g 2uv 2t 2vi 3e 302 43 30d 4v 30t 61 31h,dl 45s e3 46b ei 46q f4 477 fp 47d gf 47b h5 476 hv 475 iv 47i,1pf 9np 1f7 9uf f9 afc el afl dt afv d2 ag4 c4 afv b6 afi 9v aeu 8l ae6 7e ade 65 ach 4o abh 3b aad 1r a96,2v2 c5u 2vp c5u 30g c5u 317 c5u 31v c5s 32s c5b,rq 4es rq 4fp,rp 4fo s7 4g6 sq 4gh ti 4gn ui 4h7 vi 4hi 10g 4hj 11k 4hc,186 5jc 1ak 5mj,1al 5mj 1qb 697,1qb 695 1r0 69p 1rm 6af 1sf 6b4 1tf 6br 1ud 6ce 1vj 6cv 215 6dc 22k 6dd 244 6d4 25d 6cb 26g 6b5 27e 69n 28a 685,2gq 86a 2gd 86m 2gq 878 2hm 86v,2be 67d 2ci 66j,284 6hm 2c3 6l9,2c2 6l8 3ip 7kc,3io 7ka 3je 7ks 3k9 7li 3la 7m9 3mh 7n0 3nu 7nm 3pd 7oc 3r1 7ov 3sp 7pb 3uk 7pm 40k 7q3,42l 7qg 44m 7qo 46o 7qm 48q 7qc 4aq 7ps 4cq 7p3 4e9 7oa 4fn 7nc 4h4 7mc,4h4 7mb 4hq 7lr 4ie 7l2 4j2 7k4 4jn 7j2 4k5 7ht 4kg 7gj 4kl 7f4 4ko 7do 4kn 7c9 4k8 7an 4j9 794 4hv 77g 4gq 768 4fe 74v,2v7 6pr 2ve 6qt 2vo 6s1 305 6tc 30v 6uq 320 700 335 714 34d 720 35k 72b 36u 72a 380 71q 38s 70v,6rn 305 6pj 313,6pk 2qd 6un 373,6rn 305 6rs 301,40j 7q3 416 7q7 41q 7qb 42e 7qf 42l 7qg,6rk 2rt 6qm 2r8 6pk 2qi 6oc 2pp 6n1 2p5 6l9 2oo 6j6 2ok 6hd 2oj,6hi 2oe 6g5 2p4 6eu 2qc 6do 2rq 6cm 2td,2ul 6lb 2un 6ma 2uq 6nd 2ut 6oe,2uu 6oa 2v0 6p0 2v5 6po#6bo 2s2 6ef 301,6ai 2sh 6da 2qg,6fv 2qq 6hm 2u8,6gt 2sr 6ji 2rj,6jn 2qg 6kl 2t0,6lj 2pu 6mj 2s4,6ll 2pu 6pq 2p3,6me 2r9 6qe 2pu,6mc 2s9 6q6 2rb,6e5 312 6g1 356,6ef 317 6hj 30g,6fl 33f 6ji 319,6gj 34l 6kg 32k,6lj 338 6kd 2uu 6o0 327,6o0 322 6np 2tr,6pl 2up 6r7 33n,6pn 2vd 6qo 2uu 6rr 2ui 6t0 2ui,6t3 2ui 6tn 2uk 6ud 2v6,6ud 2up 6v9 2vq,6vb 2vq 6ve 30e,6t8 2ui 6tk 2uk,6ug 2v6 6uq 2vi,6v1 2vn 6v1 312,6v1 319 6uq 31t,6ul 320 6ti 32p,6ta 32u 6sf 335,6sa 335 6rc 338,6r4 338 6qg 33a,6q9 33d 6q6 33i,6ic 367 6kq 39d,6kn 348 6on 383,6lt 39v 6l4 39v 6kl 3a6 6ki 3ao,6kl 3b2 6l9 3bm,6lj 3bm 6mh 3b9,6mh 3b4 6mh 3aj,6mh 3ag 6m4 3a4,6m2 3a4 6lo 3a4,6ql 393 6pl 391 6ou 39d,6os 39i 6os 39s,6os 3a4 6pg 3al 6rj 39s,6rj 39n 6r7 396 6pq 38s 6pq 391,6l1 3ds 6s7 3aq,6l6 3ds 6o0 3g9 6o0 3ck 6qo 3fo,6qo 3fj 6rj 3av,6lj 3aj 6le 3aj,6lg 3aj 6lj 3al,6lg 3al 6lb 3ao,6lb 3al 6ll 3ao,6lg 3al 6l9 3ao 6ll 3ao,6q1 39s 6ps 39q,6ps 39n 6pv 39l,6q1 39n 6ps 39i,6pv 39g 6pn 39i,6pl 39i 6ps 39i#T 3cj 6k5,T 3cj 6jo,T 3b4 6hl,T 3d8 6i4,G 38b 70r 1a,T 38g 70g,T 2a8 6db,T 2ad 6cd,T 2ae 6bg,T 1au 5lr,T oj 477,T nl 484,T o6 47l,T -qg 2qr,T b4 on,S 4do 752,B 4fp 76f 9p,B 4ht 794 9t,B 4jp 7c3 af,B 4jm 7fr ak,B 4i4 7j9 r,B 4gd 7lf 10,B 3an 7d9 3v,B 36d 797 42,B 33c 77d 3r,B 2so 721 40,B 2o2 6ub 45,B 2la 6s5 41,B 2hs 6pg 45,B 2ej 6mm 43,B 2cd 6kj 4d,B 2ag 6h3 43,B 29u 6hb 3s,B 293 6hl 3t,S 29j 67i,S 6n 319,S -og 2d5,S -el 27v,B -td 2o0 fd,B -su 2oi f6,B -sg 2ou ff,B fk 46d

Background: Hills
Vehicle: Mountain Bike
Type: AUTO
-18 1i 18 1i,-13 l 12 l,-1k 13 1t 16,7j 17 7o 1o 74 21 6n 1g,2m 6c 2e 6t 3a 8p 3u 8t,86 eb 8v eb 9d ds,6m pd 6j ok,6l pc cc v4 cq vl db 107 e1 10p eq 119 fj 11j gc 11q h6 11t hu 11p j2 11e kb 10v lg 109 md vd mu uf n3 tq n1 t2 mh s8 lp rf,lp re l7 r1,jk rc j2 pi,j2 ph iu ou ip o1 in n7 iv mf jf lt k6 ll,1cv 1ko 1ds 1ne 1ds 1tf 1cm 205 1bm 20m 170 20h,1dn 1km 1eh 1n8,1eg 1n6 1el 1ne,1cf 21a 1c2 21h 172 21k,16t 20e 15b 1us,170 21j 16e 21h,159 1up 159 1u3,156 1u3 159 1ne 159 1l6 158 1kt,147 1o0 147 1lo,148 1tq 147 1o1,147 1ln 147 1l3,1el 1ti 1el 1nd,1el 1ti 1di 20a 1cf 21a,148 1tp 14i 1vo 16e 21h,147 1l2 13i 1jm,158 1ks 14a 1jc,14a 1jb 142 1iv 101 1ij,13i 1jl vu 1j9,ju 1oi jj 1os jj 1pa js 1pf,ih 2aj in 2b0 j9 2b2 jh 2b0 ji 2an,13g o6h 13d oao,mf 2f2 mn 2fa n7 2f6 n6 2ev,mm 2mv pr 2nq,pq 2nq 1jm 3bp,1jj 3bn 1kf 3bq 1ll 3c0 1n0 3c4 1ok 3c7 1qi 3ca 1sl 3c9,20n 3aq 228 39o 23k 38h 24r 37a 262 35n 26u 344 27j 32k 287 311 28p 2v9 28u 2t8 28v 2r3 28u 2pf 28o 2ns 286 2m9 27d 2km 26h 2j5 25i 2hk 24f 2g5 236 2en 21r 2dc 20d 2c5 1ut 2au 1tb 29o 1rm 28k 1pu 27k 1o4 270 1mb 26l 1ki 26g 1ir 26k 1ha 273 1fo 281 1eh 291 1dh 2a7 1ci 2bg 1bi 2cr 1b1 2el 1b5 2gp 1bg 2ie 1c0 2k2 1cf 2lm 1de 2nr 1ek 2pe 1fq 2qv 1h4 2sf,1id 2ts 1jm 2v8,1h4 2se 1ih 2u1,1sk 3ca 1t3 3bu,1t4 3bu 27d 3md,282 3m8 279 3mb,27c 3m8 27t 3lu,2g8 4ee 2gf 4em 2gu 4em,1k4 4vd 1jr 500,vh 598 v9 59m,jq 5h1 ki 5g9,jq 5h1 j6 5hk,9s 5fq 9u 5hr,9t 5ho 99 5qj,97 5qj 9f 5qj,91 5qi 9v 5qj,77 6pr 7u 6q0 8n 6q8 9a 6qi,98 6qh a6 6r2 b1 6rh cb 6sf dh 6tf ep 6uj g6 6vt hj 71f ij 72p,ih 72n it 73e j7 74g jc 75s jc 777 j1 78l ia 79v h5 7b3 fn 7c0 e4 7cl cc 7d5 ah 7de 8l 7df 6s 7db 58 7d4 3m 7ch 26 7bl l 7ai -11 799 -2b 784 -3i 76q -4k 75a -5g 73n -68 722 -6l 70c -66 6ue -4r 6t1 -33 6s5 -15 6rs#8 6us b 73u,-t 6uu 2m 6v1,49 6vn 49 73b,4e 719 6a 719,6c 6vu 6c 72n,7j 708 7j 72q,7h 70a 9l 70a,7o 715 9b 712,7m 72b 9i 72b,1p 75c 1p 78d,1r 75j 41 75j,25 769 4v 76c,23 788 4s 788,6c 78k 6a 757 7j 783 7j 750,8o 75m 8o 788,8s 75r 96 75r 9g 75t,9i 75t 9p 762 a1 769,a3 769 a3 76g a3 774 a3 77g,a3 77l a3 77u,a1 783 9i 788,9g 788 8v 788 8g 783,5s 79h 5s 7bg,5f 7bv 60 7bv,5u 7c4 5k 7bq,5s 7bq 5k 7c1 5u 7c4,5i 7c1 63 7c4,5u 7c8 5s 7c1,60 7c4 5k 7c1,7j 798 7t 7bn,7t 7c4 7m 7c6,7m 7c4 7v 7c4,7q 7c4 7m 7cb,7m 7c8 82 7c8,82 7cb 7m 7cd,7o 7cb 7t 7ci#O va 1l8,O 11m 1lq,O 11m 1o5,O 11m 1pv,O 11o 1s8,O 11m 1uo,O 123 20c,O 13f 21u,O 15q 23a,O 18b 23i,O 1as 23i,O 1co 23i,O 1ef 22l,O 1fj 21u,O 1g5 20p,O 1gq 1vl,O 1gt 1tu,O 1h2 1s5,O 1h2 1qe,O 1gv 1pf,O 1gv 1o8,O 1gt 1n4,O 1gj 1l3,O vl 1he,O 11r 1ht,O 14s 1ij,O 167 1kk,O 162 1n4,O 15v 1p8,O 15t 1r4,O 15v 1st,O 169 1un,O 17f 1vg,O 19b 1vd,O 1b9 1vi,O 1bt 1uf,O 1ch 1tc,O 1cm 1s7,O 1ck 1qv,O 1cf 1pp,O 1ch 1on,O 1cb 1ns,O 1c7 1mv,O 1c8 1m5,O 1c2 1l5,B 25s 3jr qn,B 22e 3g0 qp,B 1vp 3d6 qn,B 1fv 2qj qi,B 1ch 2ie re,B 1dp 2as sl,B 1gc 28p tg,G 1hh 2qv u2,G 1eu 2n4 u2,G 1g2 2p3 tp,G 1gr 2nm sv,G 1f8 2lq t0,G 1du 2j5 us,G 1dd 2h2 uc,G 1df 2ec uv,G 1eg 2c1 vj,G 1ge 2a5 vv,G 1kl 28o 10f,G 1ob 29d 11n,G 1rj 2c9 mk,G 1rh 2e5 11j,G 1ug 2fg mi,G 20k 2h7 ml,G 223 2ja mt,G 24q 2mg na,G 236 2lq nf,B 1s5 2b1 105,G 278 2nk 10o,B 23d 2i5 10e,B 26i 2mq 10t,B 27l 2p8 10r,B 27v 2qd 11i,B 27u 2t5 mj,G 27v 2v4 11o,G 26u 31u nh,B 260 33q nk,B 247 36p nl,B 225 38i o2,B 1tq 3ba o8,B 7m 29 204,B 6k pp 1ss,B 75 ql 1sj,B 7l rf 1sm,B 8e sd 1su,B 9e ta 1so,B ab u6 1sc,B b8 uu 1sd,B kb vu 1pi,B jm qp 23b,B j9 ot 23f,B j9 ml 1pp,B 14n 1so 23f,B 153 1vk 22t,B 130 1j6 20o,B iu 2be 14l,B c7 5gg e5,G -8h 671 e5,G e8 7bc j8,G 7b 7ck kf,G 44 7bn kg,G -a 78s lb,G -2q 76c li,G -4p 73o lu,G -5m 71a be,G -4o 6u1 cp,G -21 6sm e0

ok this is made by N00BKiller!!
His Smileys War Maps!!

Name: Gun's Distiny

These are all his Punk-o-matic songs!
His Punk-o-matic Songs!!

Name: Rock’in Solo:
Time: 1 min 39 sec

Name: The Count Up:
Time: 1 min 23 sec

Name: Team:
Time: 1 min 23 sec

Name: World’s End:
Time: 1 min 58 sec

Name: The Repeat:
Time: 1 min 33 sec

Name: Upon Death:
Time: 1 min 43 sec

Name: Over And Over Again:
Time: 1 min 56 sec

Name: Never Stop Trying:
Time:1 min 37 sec

Name: Rock In The City
Time: 2 min

Ok i copied the scema from N00BKiller but i fill it in myself!


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