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For everyone to understand my game is from final fantasy 5 the final boss "neoexdeath".My favorite games are  EBF series and of course FF series. I also like creeper world 1 and 2 (bought them),  Sacrifice and any strategy games focused on combat.

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Banlist:(enemylist for dummies)

You know who you are. I don't think you should be too proud of it, because most of you have serious problems.

Friends (not added since can't find their profile, or lazyness):

KAI5AH (the most awesome guy I ever meet. He taught me how to be good at colony. Now we are good friends)
Voyage2 (for randomly being friendly. Something most people DON'T DO!)
rychus (He's neat.Period)
R1a2z3e4 (for saying my profile name is good even thought it's not, and being a nice guy)
adrenaline6 (for being the first guy who commented on my profile. Even thought I can't understand what he's talking about. o.O)

If you wish to be removed from my profile, just tell me, except you are the one in bold. Then you TRULY deserve to be on whatever list I assigned your name to.

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