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Its a new year!! wooohooo!
oh yea and heres my original free rider 2 map:
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1j 2a 1u 3g 2e 4o 33 60 3t 7c 4s 8p 61 a7 7b bm 8n d4 a6 ei bn fv dc h1 ek i3 ft j4 h7 k4 ih l3 jr m1 l6 n0 mg nu nr os p6 pr qh qq rt rp t8 so uk tn 100 um 11c vl 12n 10l 143 11n 15d 12r 16l 13v 17s 154 194 168 1aa 17e 1bg 18k 1cj 1a9 1dv 1bv 1f5 1dm 1g7 1fe 1h4 1h6 1hp 1iu 1i8 1km 1i9 1mb 1hu 1np 1h4 1or 1fs 1po 1eh 1qh 1d2,1qh 1d3 1r4 1dv 1s9 1ed 1tl 1ej 1v1 1em 20i 1er 21u 1f7 23d 1ft 24t 1gp 26d 1hp 27u 1ir 29h 1jq 2b7 1ke 2ct 1l1 2ef 1m0 2fv 1n8 2he 1oj 2ir 1q2 2k6 1rj 2lf 1t5 2mn 1up 2o0 20c 2p9 220 2qh 23k 2rq 258 2t3 26t 2uc 28h 2vn 2a5 314 2bo 32l 2d6 349 2eh 35v 2fn 37m 2gr 39d 2ht 3b4 2it 3cr 2jr 3ek 2kk 3gd 2la 3i5 2lt 3ju 2me 3lm 2ms 3ne 2n5 3p6 2nb 3qt 2ng 3sm 2nj 3ue 2nl 405 2ni 41t 2n8 43l 2ms 45c 2mc 473 2lo,473 2lo 48q 2kt 4ae 2jv 4c0 2is 4dg 2hm 4er 2gb 4g2 2et 4h3 2dd 4i0 2bq 4io 2a6 4j8 28e 4ji 26m 4jo 24v 4jo 237 4ji 21e 4j7 1vm 4im 1tt 4hv 1s5 4h3 1qg 4g1 1ou 4ep 1nf 4df 1m5 4c1 1ku 4ag 1js 48t 1iu 478 1i3 45i 1he 43v 1h0 42i 1gq 411 1gr 3vk 1h5 3u4 1hj 3si 1i6 3r3 1j1 3pn 1k1 3og 1l6 3nd 1mg 3mg 1nt 3lm 1pd 3l3 1qu 3kl 1sh 3kg 1u4 3kn 1vj 3l9 20p 3me 220 3no 231 3p8 242 3r2 250 3t1 25p 3v2 26e 414 26u,414 26u 432 278,433 278 445 275 45h 278 46r 276 486 26t 49m 26a 4b2 25g 4cf 24g 4dc 234 4du 21k 4e5 203 4ds 1un 4d5 1te 4cc 1se 4b8 1rl 49u 1qu 48m 1q9 476 1po 45k 1pa 43u 1p6 427 1p8 40g 1ph 3v2 1q2 3u2 1qp 3tf 1rr 3ta 1st 3td 1u0 3to 1ut 3ui 1vo 3vn 20a 40r 20l 42a 20u 43p 218 45a 21c 46j 216 47j 20d 487 1vj 48a 1ue 47v 1te 47c 1sl 469 1s4 451 1s0 43i 1s6 425 1sh 411 1t3 40t 1u1 41j 1ue 42b 1ue 437 1u9 44f 1uh 45j 1ur##T 442 1u3

and heres another spiral track:
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j rn 1d,l2 12 pf -3j,kt q k0 1k,pa -3h rj 1f,rb 1a pg jp 1ni hl 1kh 3,1k7 8 2io j,1ru 8 1lb -6k 1ke 0,2fe -6l 33s -70,31b a 3o0 a,3nm c 3of -1 3p6 -p 3pt -1l 3qo -2c 3rs -32 3t5 -3m 3u9 -45 3v2 -3f,4jb 1gg 4j5 1ht 4il 1jf 4i1 1kn 4h5 1lt 4g4 1mt 4et 1nm 4dr 1o2 4ce 1o7 4av 1o3 49l 1nm 48b 1n2 471 1m6 45p 1l6 44p 1k2 442 1ir 43h 1hh 43a 1g4 43d 1en 43s 1dc 44i 1c5 45f 1b1 46f 1a2 47k 197 48k 18p 49s 18m 4bb 18r 4ck 199 4dr 1a1 4et 1av 4fj 1c3 4fq 1dj 4fm 1er 4ff 1ft 4f6 1gs 4eo 1hs 4e2 1iq 4d7 1ji 4ce 1js,4cf 1ju 4bg 1ju 4ac 1jk 49e 1iu 48l 1i6 47q 1h4 473 1fv 473 1eq 47d 1dr 480 1d4 48v 1ct 49v 1cu 4au 1d8 4bn 1dm 4cb 1e9 4ck 1f2 4ch 1fr 4bs 1ge 4b1 1gj 4a3 1gg,482 1d7 491 1du 494 1cu,495 1d0 49s 1dq 4a4 1d0 4ai 1dq 4b4 1dc,4jc 1gi 4jc 1ft 4j7 1fa 4j0 1en 4ir 1e5,3uu -3f 4ir 1e7##G 4jf 1hd 92,G 4im 1d3 81,G 4gf 17n 85,G 4el 13h 7u,G 4ct us 8b,G 4ah p1 7l,G 417 1l 8f,G 433 6l 88,G 48g jk 8d,G 47g em 83,G 453 c3 80,G 4ah 1hm b5,G 4ce 1gr aa,G 4d2 1fd 94,G 4bi 1cp 73,G 492 1bm 5j,G 46l 1do 3r,G 46u 1gr 22,G 47a 1iq 1r,G 4ae 1kp h,G 4e5 1jq 9s,G 4fg 1h7 8u,G 4g4 1ec 8n,G 4fn 1b8 7p,G 4d9 19e 6o,G 4ai 18b 5m,G 47j 18o 48,G 45n 1ad 3u,G 43p 1cg 3e,G 42s 1fv 2m,G 43m 1jk 22,G 45i 1lu 1o,G 48a 1ni 1d,G 4bu 1of b4,G 4gh 1n2 9u,G 4iu 1kh 98,T 4a7 1ge,G 32n -71 5i,G 2hu m b6,O uf ei,O vm dm,O 10l dm,O 15v fv,O 1fi dj,O 1cc f2,O 1c6 el,O 19b do,O 1io ed,O 1kh ff,O 1l6 g1,O 1jf eg,O 1fk fk,O 177 do,O 16n ed,O 193 c6,O 124 bn,O vb ev,O 103 g9,O 127 gu,O 14r gk,O 14t gh,O 16v gk,O 1af c4,O 1gu e0,O 1g7 fq,O 1ce gp,O 186 h1,O 10b gs,O up h6,B n8 -1i 15,B ls 2 1a,B iu 1c 2l

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