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awesome free rider 2 map (not mine)
-18 1i 18 1i,17 1j 9r 1h,l9 37 tg 38 uu 2v,9p 1h a9 1e d0 4m,11k 2u 12v 3e 16l 3e,16o 3f 1a6 3f,1q0 47 1pv 3a,1q0 3b 1u2 4j 22e 4j,287 33 287 8g,1a4 3d 1jl 3d 1kl 30,1ko 30 1kq 6h,1q2 6h 1q2 41,1qb -7n 1q6 -86,1q8 -7v 1l6 -1gi,1ef -dd 1eb -1h8,1l5 -1gh 1jv -1pv,1k0 -1pu 1jr -1ql 1de -1ql,1js -1ql 1td -16v,21c -vp 25h -qs 2ca -mg,2ca -md 2jv -jm,2k4 -jm 2p4 -il 2tb -ij,1t9 -16v 21d -vo,1oc 135 1li 16g 1it 18u 1ff 1bj,1fc 1bj 1b0 1dr 16p 1f4 11p 1gp,11o 1gq to 1h4 q5 1gt mq 1fu,289 8f 1uq os,1pg 11a 1o3 13g,1pd 11i 1si t4,d0 4n gr 83 k4 aj ob dd u9 ge,u6 ge 18v kg 1f9 mh 1mk p4,mp 1ft m0 1fe li 1f4,kg 1dt k6 1d7 js 1cd ji 1bm jb 1as,jb 1at j0 19r,js 1d0 mm 1gh,m8 1fi kp 1e9,ko 1eb jk 1c2,jm 1cl lf 1f6,k8 1e2 n8 1g8,m0 1fs ra 1h4,lf 1fc p1 1go,oa 1gb lo 1fe,ml 1fo li 1ev,n7 1ft lc 1ev,nr 1g6 l4 1et,l0 1ef jh 1c8,ke 1dk jl 1c3,9k 185 9i 19q 99 1bn 8m 1dg 7c 1fl,7b 1fm 66 1he 4v 1iq 30 1ka r 1ld -12 1ln -26 1ln,9n 189 j0 19s,a8 191 9t 1dt,am 19e ah 1df,b5 19o b5 1cm,br 1a1 bt 1f7,9t 1dm 9n 1fv,ak 1du ak 1fo,b3 1cn b3 1et,8p 1f5 8p 1ht,7c 1hg 83 1ih,98 1gd 98 1gl,98 1g3 a1 1hj,aj 1fk ao 1i4,aq 1f5 av 1gs,c0 1f8 bt 1gv,cu 1b1 cu 1dr,cp 1f3 cp 1gi,cp 1gs cp 1i2,9n 1em 9g 1gl,8p 1ff 8n 1gg,8i 1h1 8a 1ho,72 1h6 75 1i9,88 1fi 7r 1gl,16n 1g6 15a 1gn,136 1gq 12n 1h1,107 1h6 ug 1h6,qr 1hl ov 1hg,mu 1gs lj 1gl,qr 1ie ti 1ie,vr 1ie 11i 1ic,15h 1h9 17b 1gn,1a0 1ff 1c8 1ek,1bn 1g6 1d6 1fa,1ej 1dj 1gk 1c4,1hb 1bi 1i4 1as,1hv 1cl 1j2 1ap,21q v3 2i1 16o,1mq pu 1mg qb 1m1 qi 1l3 qb 17d lv uv io qb h1 kd dc f8 97 bo 5s ad 42 8c 42 5q 53 24 53 -1r 4p -3q 4p -41 2l -41 1g -17 1g,bj 4c da 6d,dp 6n f1 7q,fn 8o fs 92,gq a0 he a7,g9 8j ik a0,im am ip b8,iu bf jk bs,js bu kb c8,ks cd le cv,jp ak k6 bk,m2 dq qg gp,pl fh r4 ga,r7 gn ts hi,tp hd v4 hd,vl ib 10r ig,11a iv 133 iv,13n jr 16p kk,14t jo 16m k2,178 ku 196 lp,19b ls 1bc m3,1c0 ml 1ca mq,1ee n9 1gc oc,1je or 1kt p0,1h8 nt 1f2 nj,1is oj 1fj nt,1cu n6 1ar m3,1di mb 1bm m3,2hu 16n 2ov 19a 2vc 1b6 33b 1bq 36i 1bs 3a5 1bs 3cd 1bq,3cb 1bq 3cv 1bn 3dl 1bi 3ec 1b7 3f1 1ao 3fn 1af 3ge 1ad 3gu 1as 3h8 1bd 3gt 1bu,3hb 1bg 3hh 1aq 3ia 1af 3j2 1aa 3jn 1aa 3k7 19p 3kc 190 3kp 188 3lg 187 3m5 18g 3mo 18q 3mu 19d 3mg 19t 3mg 1aj,286 31 2e9 31 2ee 7u,28b 3l 28g 7n,28q 3v 28v 78,299 46 299 78,299 3d 296 62,291 67 291 7a 28s 96,28v 86 28v ae,28l 7n 28l 86,29j 4e 29g 7k,29g 4g 29q 7d,2e6 7n 2gr cu 2hs h0,283 a4 27u ao,27a bp 273 cp,267 dl 24j ev,24l g0 246 ha,241 i1 23n je,23g k7 238 m0,22f mk 223 nb,22a k9 217 lp,210 mu 212 o6,246 n3 246 nn,24o m8 24g ns,26p md 25m ma,24t k4 275 j9,26c gm 26m f9,296 gr 296 ig,299 ds 28n d1,2at ds 2a2 el 2a2 f9 2ao fc 2bc f9,2bf et 2a7 e1,2ah ig 29v je,29v jv 2a4 km,2at m8 2ca mp,2ar lh 28q lh,1uq oq 1ul p4 1us pe 1vg po 20m q5 228 qm,223 qm 24g rf 2bm v0,2bh ur 2j6 12q 2p4 14a,2p9 145 2pt 147 2t1 147 326 15d 37o 158 395 13j 3a3 11g 3af ur 3bq ss 3cq s1 3fd rf 3he qr 3m1 qc 3nr r0 3qd ru 3s7 t4 3sj tt 3tm vp,35u 11v 36l 10s,379 11d 37b 10d,37b uo 37e s6,37g s3 38r r0,3a5 r0 3de qh,3f8 qf 3fs qc,3ki pe 3mq pc,3ok pc 3pi qu,3tc sg 3sr rs,3sm rk 3qg q2,3of oo 3mj oo,3j2 pc 3hg p9,3g8 nl 3d4 ng,39u ng 39h ng,32q pe 32q pt,31v sd 318 tg,34p s8 34c sd,33j vc 337 vk,36s q5 36d qo,337 qr 345 qc,39a ns 38r og,32g 13h 31j 132,36b 12l 35e 12t,30s 11s 2vv 11r,30f oo 2vq pc,2tt rn 2sd s1,2tt 108 2sl 10p,2t6 11v 2s6 121,2v5 uj 2tt 100,2qr vu 2rn 10n,2oj 10s 2mf 11b,2kj 10u 2il 103,2h5 vh 2f4 um,2d1 tt 2c3 t1,29b sd 26f qk,249 q5 241 q5,236 p4 288 p2,29t p2 29t q2,2at rn 2ca rn,2ca rp 2e1 sb,2hi ur 2i8 ur,2oj va 2oo uh,2lp r0 2jq qu,2k2 tt 2lc tt,2hi qf 2fe q2,2ej ni 2ds mn,2hf m5 2fe l2,kb 3m na 3t,na 3s ps 3t,ps 3u t7 41 v1 3f,uv 3f uu 30,11l 2u 11l 3d 12n 3u,12p 3u 1an 3v 1f0 3v 1j3 3v 1jh 3v 1jj 6d 1ks 6d,1q4 6h 1r5 6i 1r5 4j 1tm 56,1tj 55 21o 5a 228 4g,1s0 vf 1ro vp,1qv 11j 1q1 12c,1ou 14u 1nr 16j,1lv 18f 1kq 18r,1jk 19u 1j3 1av,1lt 1b9 1me 19u,1n2 185 1nr 17m,1pq 16o 1q9 15l,1ql 13p 1ro 116,1s7 10n 1t8 v8,1tk v0 1tn ur,1ui 10d 1vq 10g,21f 114 22d 11j,22s 11v 23d 12c,257 13m 260 143,1ul 127 1uq 127,20h 12e 21h 12e,273 140 27a 140,29t 15i 2a9 15i,23q 119 262 11q,26u 129 27n 12t,27u 145 2bc 166,2d3 16e 2f2 179,2fm 17c 2gc 185,2ii 185 2iv 18u,2ib 19k 2l5 1ai,2md 1aq 2oq 1be,2ov 1be 2pm 1bl,2pt 1df 2q7 1dr,2t9 1e3 2u7 1ef,324 1ep 34h 1ek,3ad 1e8 3bg 1dc,3dr 1ch 3cv 1ch,2va 1cm 2u7 1ce,2s8 1bt 2tt 1bt,303 1bt 30a 1bv,32e 1ct 334 1ct,406 17e 406 193 406 1bb 406 1cc,3me 1ag 3mh 1b4 3n2 1be 3nr 1b2 3oj 1b5 3o6 1bs 3oc 1co 3oq 1di 3oh 1ee 3oo 1fd 3pk 1fg 3qj 1fn 3rf 1g8 3ro 1f9 3s0 1ea 3sr 1en 3tg 1ff 3ud 1fn 3v5 1f7 3va 1e8 3vr 1df 406 1cb 402 1b9 401 1a4 405 194 409 183 40d 175,3tk vk 3u3 104,3n2 1bb 3mr 1br,3rb 1g1 3rb 1gl 3r1 1h9,3gn 1d5 3io 1dr,3jh 1c2 3ju 1bo,3kk 1bo 3li 1du,3li 1fb 3li 1g1,3li 1h7 3lv 1h9,3o2 1ic 3pi 1ic,3qn 1im 3ro 1ip,3uk 1i7 3uk 1h7,3ju 1f1 3lv 1f3,3me 1eu 3lq 1f1,3k3 1ge 3j7 1gt,3r1 1j5 3t0 1j5,3vi 1ja 3vn 1ja,3vn 1gv 414 1fv,42u 1fs 433 1fs,3l1 qd 3l8 se 3ln q8,3m4 qf 3m9 u5 3n4 qn,e5 1l l9 36,e6 1l e7 26,e9 26 ev 2e fn 2m ge 33 h5 3c i0 3i iq 3k jk 3m ke 3n,3u3 vt 3ud 10k,40b 17b 40b 15m 41m 15k 41t 17b,425 15m 41t 178,42a 15u 43d 15m,43f 15m 43n 176 448 15k 45b 15k 45o 16p,3ud 10h 3vl 11n 404 10h 419 121 42m 10m 43s 11u 454 10u 481 v7 49v tl 4cn tg,45m 16n 46h 18j,46f 18g 472 197 47b 19s 47h 1ak 482 1b6 47o 1bu 47r 1cs 48m 1de 49o 1dg 4ak 1e3 4bh 1ep 4cl 1et 4dk 1eb 4ep 1dt 4fr 1ea 4gv 1f4,4gp 1f2 4ha 1ei 4hi 1do,4ib 1cl 4iu 1d3 4jj 1dk 4ke 1e4 4le 1em 4mm 1f8 4nq 1fl 4p2 1fv 4qb 1g7 4ru 1gg,4cl th 4dv th 4fm u4 4h0 us 4h0 vb,4h3 v2 4h2 vo 4gm 10e 4fv 110 4f8 11a 4e8 11f 4d6 11j 4c8 11m 4b8 11o 4ao 11q 4be 11u 4ce 123 4dg 128 4em 12c 4fl 12g 4gg 12j 4ha 12t 4hr 13d 4hc 142,4lg 17j 4ml 17f 4nt 179 4pf 174 4qo 16v 4s0 16f 4ss 15m 4sb 14m 4sf 13c 4th 12t 4up 134 4vk 13n 50i 14g 51n 14u,4e9 126 4f1 120,4b8 ro 467 sm,430 vk 433 v8,428 te 41u t5,49h r0 4au r0,4ei ro 4f7 s7,4kk 11e 4ju 11e,4hj 11e 4g8 11n,4fj 11t 4it 12f,4k1 12u 4j9 146,4j9 149 4jc 15a,4lr 16k 4oa 15j,4op 157 4ph 140,4pt 134 4ph 11q,4ph 10l 4sf vq,4v1 vq 4va vt,4vm 10i 51g 10l,53f 11k 53f 137,533 13j 51j 13t,4rt 1gg 4se 1gf,4sc 1gf 4t1 1gf 4to 1gd 4ug 1g6 4v4 1fs 4vl 1fh 50a 1fm 50a 1gc 50s 1h0 51k 1gt 51t 1g5 52j 1fd 53g 1fe 547 1fq 555 1g1 55u 1fg 56f 1ev,51k 1gu 51t 1hd,51p 14r 52l 155 53d 15l 52p 168 53e 16u 54b 16k 553 15t 55t 15a 56r 150 57o 152 589 15q 581 16o 589 17r 58p 18m,59i 19b 5ah 19m 5bh 19l 5cg 199 5d8 18o,4he 13u 4h7 14i 4hi 15a 4i4 15t 4ip 16a 4jk 16o 4ka 176 4l1 17j 4lt 17m,4gl 1bm 4ib 1cm,4hi 1dp 4h3 1da 4ge 1cu 4fs 1ci 4fj 1c3 4g4 1bt 4gk 1bp,1mi p6 1mm pm 1mj q9,56f 1f4 574 1ev 57u 1f0 58l 1fa 597 1fr 59r 1gh 5an 1h9 5bl 1hq 5co 1i5 5dt 1ie,5qe 1jn 5re 1jo,5d6 18r 5e5 18n 5f2 197 5g2 19r 5hc 1a6 5il 1a2 5jm 19h 5k8 18i 5k1 17c 5ko 169 5m1 15r 5n6 15g 5o8 155 5pi 159 5qm 15v 5ri 16m,5d4 18m 5d6 18r,5dj 18m 5dm 178,5rd 16k 5rf 17c 5s8 17r 5t9 185 5u3 18p 5v0 19c 60a 19p 61i 19m 62k 198 62r 18b 62e 17c 62d 162 63c 154 64k 14t 65p 14s 663 13q 652 131 65c 11s 66l 129 67t 12u 690 144 69l 159 69p 16h 69a 17r 68h 18u 67k 19q 66m 1ah 65m 1b8 64q 1c6 64g 1da 64p 1eb,54u 12s 564 12n,57k 12n 590 134,5av 14a 5aq 15j,5ao 175 5bc 175,5bh 178 5cs 14u,5dm 140 5ei 12v,5g7 139 5h3 14s,5h3 164 5h3 16m,5hb 17g 5i1 181,5oa 114 5ov 117,5pq 134 5r3 14c,5o5 131 5nj 131,5jf 139 5jf 147,608 17b 60b 17b,5vs 164 5tq 142,5sp 14f 5sm 15j,5u4 16h 5ub 16h,601 17s 603 17l,60q 14i 60q 14c,5uj 120 5ta 11u,5vu 112 61h 112,61k 12s 62i 12s,64f 10l 65o 106,4gr 1ev 4hd 1fj,43q 175 43q 18h,42n 192 427 195,419 18r 419 198,411 18o 411 1aq,411 1a1 411 1bk,411 1cl 40q 1dr,414 1ae 414 1cl,414 195 40s 1b5,41j 19d 41j 1d2,40v 1dr 40v 1ep,43j 19d 43j 1at,43q 1c1 444 1cb,447 1e8 44c 1f1,45n 19p 45n 1c6,41m ta 414 ta,3v7 ta 3vr ur,40d v5 40i v5,42p ts 42f s9,4ms 117 4n9 vs,4oa ul 4oa ue,4p1 t8 4q4 u1,4nb 12s 4mq 136,47a 1ei 47a 1f6,489 1ek 48j 1ep,4aq 1fg 4bc 1fj,4d9 1fl 4eh 1fo,47u 1g7 49m 1gf,4c5 1h1 4eh 1ho,4gh 1i4 4h0 1i4,4g9 1gp 4ib 1gs,4jk 1gs 4k8 1gu,4j2 1ep 4kv 1gu,4ig 1i9 4j5 1i9,4no 1ir 4o0 1ir,4mi 1i4 4nb 1i4,4n6 1gc 4ou 1h1,4pv 1j8 4tf 1jf,4r5 1ic 4tf 1i9,4ub 1i4 4uv 1i4,50q 1ie 52p 1ie,4vp 1ij 520 1ij,520 1k1 52f 1k4,54f 1i9 55i 1hv,57v 1gs 5al 1ja,56o 1jn 56r 1jl,55d 1jl 58b 1jl,5bm 1jl 5cn 1jl,5d9 1k1 5de 1k6,5bm 1kg 5ef 1lp,5js 1kt 5kg 1ke 5mv 1kj,6d 1ju 6b 1l4,44 1l4 41 1l9,2j 1mc 2h 1mn,2u 1ma 1n 1mf,-8 1mh -20 1mu,-24 1ll -3k 1ll -5j 1ll,-5j 1lo -6a 1ln -72 1lk -80 1lg -8u 1l9 -9r 1ku,-9o 1l0 -aa 1kn -b2 1ki -bu 1kg -co 1ko -de 1l7 -e4 1ll,-e2 1li -ec 1m4 -eh 1mv -ej 1nu -el 1p3 -em 1qf -ev 1s1 -fd 1te -fs 1uu -gd 20g -h3 221 -hs 23j -im 256 -jn 26l -ku 27t -mf 28q -o7 29e -q4 29q -s2 29q -u2 29i -101 290 -11s 281 -13f 26n -150 259 -167 23o -16u 22c -17a 216 -17j 1vo -17q 1u8 -183 1sr -18e 1re -18e 1q3 -18c 1on -186 1ng -184 1m5,-185 1ku -18q 1lc -19l 1lr -1am 1m5 -1bu 1mb -1d4 1mg -1ej 1mh,-aa 1km -ar 1kg,-as 1kf -ju 1ga,-k0 1ga -kg 1gf -ko 1gu -ka 1h7 -ck 1kp,-d7 1k6 -do 1k0,-eh 1jk -fe 1j2,-ga 1ij -ha 1i2,-i4 1ho -it 1he,-jc 1h8 -ju 1gq,-ci 1k4 -dl 1ji,-do 1jg -es 1j0,-hf 1hm -i9 1ha,-j6 1h2 -jp 1gt,-hr 1i4 -hq 1i7,-hm 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1fb,9q 19u 9e 1fb,a9 19d 8q 1fq,ao 1a1 9g 1g6,c0 1as aj 1g9,br 1bb bc 1ed,bm 1bt br 1e3,ca 1an c3 1e8,c3 1bl am 1gb,ae 1ce 99 1h4,99 1g4 86 1i5,7s 1ht 73 1i7,73 1gv 65 1hm,83 1en 7a 1i0,83 1en 6p 1ik,9e 1fd 7n 1hm,9o 1e3 a2 1fs,ao 1bo 9v 1f1,b2 1d2 b5 1hc,b0 1bv b0 1gj,br 1b9 99 1fg,-4k 1nr -66 1nh,-8p 1n7 -an 1mo,-bq 1m7 -bl 1me,-b1 1p1 -as 1p1,-8h 1p1 -7c 1p3,-56 1p6 -3p 1p6,-2e 1p6 -i 1on,7 1on 41 1oa,4l 1o0 6h 1mm,70 1mc 7p 1ki,ah 1k6 e1 1i5,fj 1cj hi 1e8,hi 1fl hi 1fs,eq 1gg el 1eu,el 1e8 el 1ce,el 1bb el 1as,gm 1d5 h3 1ei,hd 1fv hd 1gg,l5 1j0 nb 1iu,p7 1kn qf 1kn,251 -iq 24i -jf 23n -jb 22p -j4 21p -jj 20n -jt 1vh -jn 1uj -ja 1tm -ip 1t5 -hm 1t7 -gn 1t6 -fm 1tb -eg 1u8 -e6 1vc -ed 20i -e2 21r -dk 235 -dl 24g -du 25o -du 273 -dj 28o -d9 2aa -dn 2bo -e8 2d7 -e5 2en -eb 2fq -fa 2f4 -g8 2ed -h9 2d7 -i4 2bv -i9 2ai -id 29a -it 27s -jc 26d -jb 256 -j4 240 -j7,1cs -md 1bp -mm 1af -md 19c -m5 17v -mh 16h -n5 14m -n9 133 -mt 11l -mi vq -ml tp -mj sd -ls rn -kl sb -jg t8 -ii tv -hd us -g7 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