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i live a small town called h town (hamiton) in new zealand (awsome country) wich is 1 of the smallest countrys on earth =) i like playin ps2,computer (free rider, runescape (i got a lvl 84) and i like 2 play arcanists on funorb.) I absoultly love riding motorbikes! I have 2 sisters, 4 step sisters (mental!) and 1 step brother (NEED MORE BOYS FFS) thts all there is 2 no about me lol so keep on commenting and yer. here one of my free rider 2 tracks...pretty good lol..look at the bridges as u go over, theres often detail underneath -18 1i 18 1i,15 1m 2e 1j 3e 1h 4j 1g 5n 1k 6l 1q 7o 26 8u 2p aa 3f bg 40 cp 4i e4 52 ff 58 gt 56 i8 53 jj 52 l1 51 mi 4v o4 4u pn 4t pc 62 or 70 op 81 oq 95 p3 af qj ae ru a1 rn 90 rh 80 rb 73 r6 6a r2 5l s5 5t t1 66 tt 6h ur 6r vv 74 115 79 12j 7d 146 7h 15i 7j 170 7m 18h 7o 1a3 7q 1bn 7t 1dc 7v 1f2 81 1gp 83 1ig 84 1k8 86 1lv 88,1lv 88 1mv 87 1nt 85 1op 84 1pd 85 1p6 8u 1p5 9r 1p5 b0 1p7 bu 1pd dc 1pp ev 1q5 gc 1qj hr 1r2 jb 1rl kr 1se m6 1tb ne 1ue oi 1vi pl 20o qe 225 qu 23n r8 253 rg 26h rm 281 rm 29j rk 2b6 re 2cp r6 2ea qp 2fs qc 2hc pp 2iq p1 2k5 o2 2lf n1 2mo lu 2nr kl 2or ja 2po hp 2ql g7 2rg ek 2s8 cu 2su b6 2th 9e,1pd 86 2ts 8a,2tq 89 2tk 9h,2ti 9f 1p4 9b,2d6 9c 2ef qm,2em 9g 2ga q7,2ea q0 2dc q5 2dc qu,2g6 pf 2h6 pa 2hb pt,2ga pe 2ee pu,2c9 a5 2fn a5 2fn 9g,2cb 9h 2cb a2,1tn 9g 1tn a7 1vu a7,202 a7 202 9e,1uh a7 1u6 mr,1t0 mr 1vj mr 1vk pg,1va a3 1v3 mt,2tr 87 2v9 8d 30p 8i 322 8m 33i 8v 350 9g 36e 9h 381 a0 39i b0 3ap c1 3c1 d1 3di di 3f4 dt 3ge db 3hi cn 3il d3 3ka d4 3ln d2 3mp de 3oc dm 3pd eh 3r1 eh 3se dh 3tu db 3v8 dr 40p e7 427 e8 43p ee 45b eh 46i e6 47t du 490 eo 4a6 f6 4bo f0 4d2 eu 4em f0 4fq f8 4gj fs 4ha ge 4hr h5 4hb i9 4hc ji 4hf kl 4il le 4iv mm 4j0 o7 4ia ou 4he q9 4it pr 4jc qt 4iu s4,4iu s4 4k8 sf 4je tg 4ip uv 4jt 104 4ks 10u 4kt 129 4m6 132 4nf 135 4oi 13r 4q2 13r 4rc 13m 4sm 143 4tr 143 4uq 13t 505 13m 515 13o 52a 14r 53m 153 55e 14d 56r 149 589 14h 59j 146 5av 13o 5c7 13f 5d1 13t 5dt 12v 5dm 11m 5eo 10j 5f9 vd 5ff uh 5fd su 5fh ro 5fg qo 5ff pe 5f3 o5 5et ne 5fh mr 5ev mb 5es lc 5ej kf 5em jl 5fv jj 5h4 jv 5i8 ka 5j3 kl 5jv ks 5l7 l0,4hn h4 4ne fg 4ss el,4sn el 56k eq 5ao gc 5ek jj,5fr jg 5bf ft 571 e4 4sk dt 4n4 eo 4fr f9,4md fq 4ml h0 4qu g0,4qu ft 4qi f1,56n es 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