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  • AIM: Fire! Ready!
  • MSN: My Santa Metwork?
  • Yahoo: thats what you would say after a red bull
  • XBOX Live: *finally* got and xbox360, so soon. But i have no fluffing internet connection! ballz sac....agewea
  • Wii: says i, going down the roller coaster
  • PSN: gesuintight
  • SteamID: im steamed in a sona


i like lucky charms
__ __
( o ) ( o )
---- --------- ----
( . . )
( u u )
( \---------------------/ )
( )

This is my frog
His name is Julio
^ ^
I I______I I
/ 0 0 \
I o I
( \_______/ )
( UU )

This is my rabbit.
Her name is Ginger

here is my new poem/song

You and me are locked in a room
so i sit you on the floor and give you a tune
yes i give you a jam, (blueberry for me)
them i put that jam on a BLT
you say, "BLt? whats in it for I?"
i say, "hmm... i'll give you a pie"
you say, "give me a pie? i thought this was a song"
i say, "it is, but its getting to long"
you say, "too long? them stop it right now"
i say, "ya mean like this?" KAPOW!!!

thank you, thank you =)

( I I )~~~~~~<
\ \______________
\_______________ )
________________( )
/ __________________)
( )___________ _____
(___________ \ / ___ )))000
/ / / /
This is my snake.
His name is Albert.

I had a pet rock once. His name was Rocky. But then he fell off my sholder and *sob* he fell into the ocean! *sob* I think he drowned. Oh Rocky! *sob* *sob*

Ummm lets see what else... oh ya! i was born in Atlantis. Not the resort thing in the Carribean, but the utopia that snak, ya know?
back after a long absense so lets party!

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